October 2016

What Happens After Construction Completion

For most developers, a heavy focus toward the end of a project is placed upon the management of General Contractors and ensuring that everything is prepared for the sale and transfer of all units. This focus is understandable as closings, and the subsequent loan payoffs, help Developers move forward to other projects and investments. Unfortunately, this big picture focus often results in a frequently overlooked aspect of townhome development: the contracting of a stable property management company to handle any management obligations as dictated by a townhome community’s partywall agreement. Typically, a partywall agreement has provisions requiring unit owners to [...]

Who’s Taking your Sales Calls? 10 Questions to Consider When Choosing a Listing Broker

As a developer, turning over the task of selling the homes you build is a natural part of the growth of your business. It’s simply impossible to continue to grow a development business if time is being split between project and sales management. Deciding who to hire to sell your project is an extremely important decision; your sales team can impact holding costs, buyer satisfaction and warranty claims, and should be able to offer you resources and support specific to new construction development. Unfortunately, too often Developers trying to grow their business ignore their business sense and allow personal relations [...]

September 2016

Frequent Development Mistakes Volume 1

Successful real estate development depends on two very different management approaches. As the owner of a firm, the primary concern must always be managing the big picture of your company’s business- finding new projects to add to the development pipeline, balancing financing considerations, relationship management, human resource considerations, etc. Many Developers excel at this upper management approach. Conversely, the success of any one individual development project requires a completely different management approach. As developers know, development project management is exceptionally complex and requires an unwavering attention to the thousands of details involved. Unfortunately, balancing the oversight of architects, engineers, civil [...]

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