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redT Homes - Company Overview

redT Homes began in March of 2014 in Denver, Colorado. Founded by Owner and CEO, Nathan Adams, redT is built on its reputation for creating, selling and leasing unique quality homes, and fostering strong relationships with clients, developers and customers.

Our team is a talented group of experts who bring their talents and passion to make redT Homes’ purpose and mission come to life.

Company History

redT Homes was started to serve as a reliable brokerage to the Denver Metro Area that has transformed to serve as a brokerage with a well-rounded understanding of development. The owner and CEO, Nathan Adams, recognized this gap in the market and added important development services to the company— aspects such as property management, acquisitions, and architecture were later developed as the company expanded its services to be more than a traditional brokerage.

Nathan got his first taste of success in the real estate market in the early 2000s in Los Angeles when he bought his first home as an investment property that he later flipped. Through this experience, Nathan decided to make real estate his future and found his way to Denver and started the process of getting his Real Estate License. Once he was licensed, he started his company of one and took on any real estate business he could find. Following the path he took in LA, he found many homes that he could fix up which started the idea of getting into real estate development. As Nathan’s one-man-team took on more and more, there was a point where he needed a larger team to support him. Once he hired an assistant to help him with the lengthy paperwork, the managing broker came into his office and told him that they were now a team and that they needed a team name to represent them. From here the Real Estate Denver Team came to life.

As months went by, the Real Estate Denver Team was searching for a creative way to market and brand themselves that stood out from other brokerages in the area. The idea of taking each beginning letter from Real Estate Denver Team to make the signature acronym: redT. Years later redT Homes has a well-known, positive reputation in the Denver Metro Area and owns their signature mark of the large tilted “T”.

Our Team

We have structured our entire brokerage around helping developers, and the difference is apparent in every aspect of our business; our staff is comprised of experts in not just the sale of new construction units but in every aspect of development.

Who We Serve

We are here to serve the needs of all homebuyers. redT is here to help individuals feel comfortable and proud to reside in their redT home. No matter who you are or what your background is, we have a dedicated team to help you discover your dream home in the Denver Metro Area. Downsizer, young professional, or a new family, we can help you discover your perfect home.