Join Us In Building A Greener Colorado

Our Commitment

redT Homes is a local real estate development services firm and homebuilder specializing in new construction. As a company, we are committed to Building A Greener Colorado.

About redT

redT is doing things differently in the real estate development industry. We are the only company in Denver offering services throughout the entire spectrum of the real estate and development process, from start to finish—but now we are doing even more. With a commitment to exclusively pursuing LEED certified, eco-friendly new construction and property development, we are leading the way in Building a Greener Colorado.

Changing the
future together

This commitment and the fullness of our service offerings sets us apart as Denver’s only completely in-house residential development company focused on environmentally responsible building practices and community health.

Our Team

We have structured our entire brokerage around helping developers, and the difference is apparent in every aspect of our business; our staff is comprised of experts in not just the sale of new construction units but in every aspect of development.

Company History

At redT, we recognized the detrimental impact that poor construction habits and a money-first attitude within the industry has had on our environment and our lives; therefore, we’ve made a significant change in the way we do business. We’ve chosen to put the health of our families and our planet first. That is why we have made the commitment to develop at a more sustainable level, building to an eco-friendly, LEED Gold Certification (or better) and only working with developers and investors willing to do the same.

Founded in Denver in 2014 by CEO Nathan Adams, redT originally began as a brokerage firm that was unique due to Nathan’s hands-on understanding of the development process. However, after witnessing the negative effects of traditional development and building practices on our environment in the Denver community, it became clear to redT that building to code regulations wasn’t enough. The climate has changed, and now it’s time for the industry to change.

This is why redT has chosen to do more for the health of homeowners, and the Denver community alike. With in-house teams specializing in acquisitions, entitlement, zoning and planning, architecture, construction, marketing, and sales, redT is able to assist clients with the entire process of LEED Certified real estate development and home buying.

To offset our carbon footprint even further, we are also a proud business partner of the non-profit organization, One Tree Planted. Through this partnership, redT plants two trees to replace every one tree used during the construction process of our LiteHomes.

Whether you are a homebuyer looking to purchase a high-performance LiteHome for your family, a developer looking to build a large-scale new construction project with a more environmentally responsible footprint, a real estate investor seeking a meaningful investment opportunity in green development, or a future team-member eager to pursue a career in the green building industry, redT Homes can help you achieve your goals. And, together, we can work to achieve our larger goal: Building a Greener Colorado.


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