Often, when people allow themselves a few minutes to slow down and consider their lives and their impact with their choices, they find areas in which they can do better. Let’s face it, there’s always room for improvement. At redT, we’re no different. We’ve been doing a lot of thinking, evaluating, and dreaming. We took the time to consider our company’s impact in the Denver community. While we are proud of our accomplishments thus far, we found we have an increasing desire to provide new and innovative solutions to the needs of our growing community. Overall, we concluded that we too, can do better. redT’s internal teams collaborated to see how we could swiftly address the region’s single-family housing shortage. We determined that we can offer better products; we can design, build, and sell more sustainable and efficient homes. And we can do it with an eye on our impact on the environment. In doing so, we can enrich the lives of those around us, and we can deliver dreams. We’re happy to introduce you to the result of our collaborative effort. Welcome to LiteHomes by redT.

What are redT LiteHomes?

LiteHomes are newly constructed, LEED Gold Certified single-family homes popping up in neighborhoods across the Denver Metro area. LiteHomes are thoughtfully built, ENERGY STAR Certified residences, developed to be lite on your wallet and lite on the environment. These right-sized homes are filled with modern finishes and functionality. Each LiteHome will be built on lots that provide ample outdoor space. Recently, redT has created a series of homes that exemplify redT’s internal commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly architecture and building. redT’s LiteHomes will provide housing throughout Denver that offers a range of LEED Certified, energy-efficient options. We believe in the importance of doing what we can to lighten our footprint on this planet, and we know this starts with making environmentally conscious decisions from start to finish on any project. 2021 saw the delivery of our first LiteHome, and we already have more than 100 more homes in various phases of design and construction.

LEED Certified 

LEED Certified homes are based on a point system. The number of points a project receives determines your level of LEED Certification. LEED, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certifications include a base certification, “Certified”, “Silver”, “Gold”, and “Platinum”. LiteHomes by redT earn a Gold Certification (or better) ranging from 60-79 points. Being LEED Certified ensures our sustainable construction and home design. LEED Gold Certification focuses on comfort, sustainability, energy efficiency, and community.

 Built in Great Denver Neighborhoods 

LiteHomes are built in thriving Denver neighborhoods and are thoughtfully designed to blend in with each neighborhood’s architecture. redT has purchased building sites in Golden, Arvada, Barnum, Lakewood, Adams County, Virginia Village, East Colfax, Regis, and Aurora. Other future build sites vary widely—some are located close to Denver public transportation lines, others have incredible mountain views, and there is a site offering lake frontage.

 Designed by redT Architecture 

redT’s in-house architecture department, redT Architecture, has taken initiative to design sustainable and comfortable homes. Our architecture department brings a decade of experience in designing residential and commercial architecture in Denver. The team works hand-in-hand with redT’s Acquisition and Development teams to bring consistent and well-designed LiteHomes to the Denver area. Keeping the LiteHome’s construction and design in-house allows redT to deliver a quality product while also managing all aspects of development under one roof.

 Why LiteHomes?

redT has a mission to design, build, and sell sustainable homes with the goal of enriching lives and delivering dreams in the Denver Metro Area. Energy-efficient homes are the future, and sustainable building aligns with redT’s goals to create a better future for those after us. As guests on this planet, we must set a new standard in Denver development that sets us up for a greener future, from building the homes to creating a functional, energy-efficient home that will last for generations. Designing and building LiteHomes are a way of life; we are just setting it up for you.

Step towards a greener future

A greener future for home building starts with energy-efficient homes that are all-electric. Electricity is cleaner for the environment because it uses less energy and transportation and implementation resources. Outside of environmental benefits, all-electric homes are much “lite-r” on your wallet. Electricity is more affordable than homes powered by gas. redT LiteHomes are all-electric from your furnace to your water heater to your kitchen appliances. There is less of an impact on the environment because there are no problems associated with fracking. Yet, coal is still part of the all-electric conversations; coal is still used to power electricity all over town, but electricity is getting cleaner day by day.

Save homeowners money on utilities 

The first LiteHome that redT built and sold had an energy-saving prediction of $1,698 annually compared to the average home in the US. Not only will you be bettering the environment, but you will be living in one of the most energy-efficient homes in the Denver Metro Area. Your all-electric LiteHome will provide you with:
  • Thermal enclosure systems: complete air sealing and high-performing windows that will ensure comfort and lower utility bills
  • Water Management System: specified drainage planes, water-resistant building materials, and protection from moisture levels during construction in the roof, walls, and foundation
  • Electric heating, cooling, and ventilation systems: optimized for ideal performance and comfort
  • Energy-efficient lighting and appliances: all-electric to reduce utility bills and maximize performance
  • Electric Water Heater

Set the standard of energy-efficient living in Denver 

Denver is powering through its goal of achieving 100% renewable electricity by 2023. As part of participating in achieving Denver’s goal, redT wants to move forward with building and selling energy-efficient homes to support the construction side of sustainability. As a local company in Denver, we want to be part of the positive change that is happening in Denver and lead the real estate industry in designing, building, and selling sustainable homes. Steps as a full lifecycle real estate company to assist this goal include optimizing our homes for LEED Certifications and EnergyStar Certifications. Small steps add up to the big picture, and we are doing our part at redT.

Why build LiteHomes now?

Denver is experiencing a housing shortage. As of April 2021, there are 67% fewer homes available than in April of last year. redT is currently developing more than 70 LiteHomes to address this shortage, and 100 more homes are in the works. We aim to provide homes at an attainable price for homebuyers while meeting the demand for eco-friendly and sustainable advancement in building and operational practices. Because we believe in the importance of building a better future, redT is proud to be a leader in this industry. The focus on planet-friendly homes may stem from Denver, but it will become a national standard.

 Denver Market needs attainably priced homes

The average closing price of a single-family home in Denver in April of 2021 was $699,039 compared to April 2020, with an average closing price of single-family homes at $548,670. Denver has a hot real estate market that continues to rise in favor of sellers rather than home buyers. We want to close that gap to create attainably priced homes for Denver residents built to a higher standard.

Denver Market Needs Homes

Denver’s housing market is on fire. People are moving to Denver at high rates and need homes to buy. In building LiteHomes, our goal is to create more homes for people to buy at an attainable price. We want to address this housing shortage. In April of 2021, there were 1,640 active single-family home listings. In April of 2020, there were 4,576 active single-family home listings. Denver has low inventory and high prices. LiteHomes will present a solution to low inventory in Denver while also creating a quality product at an attainable price.

Local Partnerships

The effort to provide sustainable, LEED Certified homes to the Denver Metro communities is made possible thanks to partnerships with other individuals and organizations who align with redT’s vision and values. redT is pleased to partner with Horizon Housing, a local Housing Authority that helps with various housing programs as well as locating homes for consumers. Through this partnership, efficient development planning will be accomplished through the city of Aurora. redT will also work hand-in-hand with Professor Eric Holt and the Burns School of Real Estate and Construction Management at the University of Denver, offering students enrolled in Master’s programs the opportunity to gain on-site, real-world experience and knowledge of the development process. Finally, Andrew Kemler and Steven Kemler of 1334 Development Group and the Stone Arch Group, are providing equity in partnership with redT. The Kemler’s have a passion for sustainable building, with a strong desire to deliver exceptional, energy-efficient homes.

Environmental crisis- time to start being conscious now 

Construction and development make up for a lot of waste in our landfills. Materials that could be reused or repurposed are often time thrown away and sent to landfills. Construction and demolition projects in 2018 filled US landfills with nearly 145 million tons of waste. Since  construction is unlikely to go away in the future, it is crucial to find a better process than what the traditional path has followed. That is why redT has committed to green building sites at all LiteHome construction sites. All building sites will have recycling bins for designated materials so building site materials can be repurposed at another building site. With small steps in managing construction sites, redT will be able to start a future for green building sites in every development. Small steps lead to big steps, which leads to positive change.

Looking for an energy-efficient home in Denver? Consider buying a redT LiteHome

Energy-efficient homes are hitting the market all over the country. Denver is a leader in sustainability in the US; redT strives to be the leader of sustainable homes in Denver. Our team handles the process from buying land for your LiteHome to selling you your LiteHome. We work in a productive and team-driven manner to provide you with an energy-efficient home built to a higher standard at an attainable price. If you are interested in learning more about redT LiteHome, visit our page https://www.litehomes.co/ to sign up for updates and more.