Let redT's Experts Deal with the Bureaucracy

Bring in our team of experts to deal with the bureaucracy. Our team will help you develop real estate in the Denver metro area with ease. Dealing with zoning regulations and code can be arduous, but redT is intimately familiar with city and multi-county bureaucracy and can help you obtain the proper plans and permits for your project.

Our Due Diligence Goes Above and Beyond

redT is organized, thorough, and detail oriented, which will allow your development to progress as efficiently as possible. Our intense due diligence process consists of soil reports, surveys, site assessments, zoning and code knowledge for multiple counties, an ability to navigate grey area in the code, and a willingness to advocate for solutions on your behalf.

Knowledge of Municipal Code

Come develop with us in the 11-county Denver metro area! We have knowledge of municipal code in Denver County, Adams County, Aurora County, Lakewood, and more. Our experience means your project will have a higher success rate for approval, and we pride ourselves on staying within the industry standard of 3 submittals maximum.

Sustainable Development Focus

redT works with developers who want to bring successful and sustainable homes to the Denver metro market. Our development team is skilled at bringing your development to fruition, but we also care about creating positive communities that benefit both people and the environment. If you want to Build A Greener Colorado and develop with a purpose, get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation

Lets Work Together