What are LiteHomes?

LiteHomes are newly constructed, LEED Gold Certified (or higher) single-family homes in Colorado neighborhoods. LiteHomes are thoughtfully built, ENERGY STAR Certified residences, developed to be Lite on your wallet and Lite on the planet. These right-sized homes are filled with modern finishes and functionality. Each environmentally responsible LiteHome is constructed with the health and financial well-being of the homeowner in mind.

Lite On Your Wallet
Our focus on sustainable building practices and our inclusion of high-efficiency features in each LiteHome reduces the everyday cost of homeownership and long-term operation. 

Lite On The Planet
Your home is one of the only spaces you can call your own. Therefore, your home should reflect your values and enrich your life. All-electric LiteHomes achieve the highest standards in sustainable building practice, so if your environment is a concern, these homes will align nicely. 

Why LiteHomes?

Often when people allow themselves a few minutes to slow down and consider their lives, and the impact they are making with their choices, they find areas in which they can do better. Let’s face it, there’s always room for improvement.

At our company, we’re no different. Our teams collaborated to see how we could swiftly address the region’s single-family housing shortage. We determined that we can offer a different housing solution; we can design, build, and sell more sustainable and efficient homes. And we can do it with an eye on our impact on the environment. In doing so, we can enrich the lives of those around us, and we can deliver dreams.

LiteHomes – Why Now?

Denver is experiencing a housing shortage. We are currently developing more than 400 LiteHomes to address this shortage. We aim to provide homes at an attainable price for homebuyers while meeting the demand for eco-friendly advancement in building and operational practices. Because we believe in building a different future, our company is proud to be a leader in the green-build industry. The focus on planet-friendly, healthy homes may stem from Denver, but it will become a national standard.

What does it mean to live Lite?

Often overlooked are the health benefits that LiteHomes provide homeowners. The features in this home were carefully designed, crafted, and positioned to improve comfort and wellbeing alongside less consumption. There are no carbon producing combustion systems in an electric home that degrade air quality, one reason why this home is Indoor airPlus certified. But there’s more to a healthy and comfortable indoor environment than just the air quality. That’s why, with your health in mind, the entire indoor environment of this home was considered. Strategic window placement boosts the availability of natural light year-round, WaterSense certified fixtures use at least 20% less water than is standard, and the HVAC system maintains moisture levels by raising humidity levels in the winter and dehumidifying in the summer.

This home contributes to a healthy environment – inside and out.


Lite On The Wallet?

Our LiteHomes tagline, “Lite On The Wallet. Lite On The Planet,” may prompt the question, “What does Lite On The Wallet really mean?” The short answer is this: Lite On The Wallet highlights the economic benefits of owning an energy-efficient, sustainably built, high-performance home and the financial savings realized by the homeowner in lowered operating costs over the long term.


To take it a step further, we were purposeful when we looked at our pricing structure for this new category of home. It was important to us to design a product that would have an attainable price point. This price point is not strictly determined by the finished home itself, but also by the neighborhood specific market. We achieve an attainable price point by keeping LiteHomes at, or slightly below, the median price comparable homes are selling for in a given neighborhood.

What we will deliver to you in your new LiteHome.

We are committed to building a better future by building sustainable homes. We partner with a quality, third-party energy rating company, which helps ensure all levels of certification. We promise to deliver a LiteHome designed and built with sustainability in mind, and with the added promise of delivering comfortable, efficient living. At LiteHomes we build a high-quality product at an attainable price, setting the Denver standard for green home building.

We believe that owning a new home should be Lite on the wallet and Lite on the planet.

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