Designing A Greener Colorado

At redT Homes, we know that a development’s success depends on each stage of the project, from start to finish. We also believe that cutting-edge, environmentally conscious architecture has the power to transform Colorado. redT is proud to offer an esteemed in-house architecture firm to elevate your project’s design to new, more environmentally responsible levels. 

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Passion Driven

In support of redT’s company mission of Building A Greener Colorado, the architecture team is passionate about incorporating sustainable practices to produce designs that bring positive change to the community and environment. 

Sustainable Design

The redT Architecture department was established in 2019 to complete the full circle of redT’s holistic real estate services. Our team brings more than a decade of experience designing both residential and commercial architecture in Denver, along with a keen awareness of the connections between design and the environment. Our department is known for being skilled, and innovative, as we create sustainable solutions to meet our clients’ needs and visions.

redT is Building A Greener Colorado together with the community, together with industry professionals, together with passionate employees… together. It is this connectivity and comprehensive spectrum of in-house services that makes redT so unique. Rather than approaching your project in the traditional way, where clients hire multiple companies to handle different parts of a project and manage the complicated and distanced communication between those companies, redT’s Architecture department works closely with the Acquisitions and Development teams every day to bring a project to life from start to finish. Through collaboration, strong communication, and accountability, we can achieve your development’s goals all under one roof—all while limiting the impact on the environment.

Architecture Portfolio

1642 Lafayette (Piper Heights)

15 Homes | LEED GOLD

192 & 196 Wolff

2 Homes | LEED GOLD

2451-2453 Lawrence

2 Duplexes | LEED GOLD

2650 Delaware (Montana Village)

19 Homes | LEED GOLD

3100 N Umatilla

8 Homes | LEED GOLD

3259 Lawrence

3 Homes | LEED GOLD

3756 Franklin


4345 Columbine St

2 Townhomes | LEED GOLD

6 LiteHomes – Ingalls

6 Single Family LiteHomes

690 W Jewell

2 Homes | LEED GOLD

75 Meade

4 Homes | LEED Platinum

829 & 835 Kalamath

2 Homes | LEED GOLD

Mississippi LiteHomes

7 SFR LEED PLATINUM LiteHomes | Denver

Rocky Mountain Lake

19 Townhomes | Berkeley, Denver

S High St

16 Homes | LEED GOLD

Uinta LiteHomes

10 LEED Gold LiteHomes | East Colfax

W 10th Ave

2 Homes | LEED GOLD

W 25th (Picksar-Plex)

2 Homes - Coming Soon

Williams & Ogden


Xenon Litehomes

10 Single Family LiteHomes | Golden

Nina Najmabadi

Associate Principal Architect

Ben Walker

Assoc. Architectural Project Mgr.

Alexis Trick

Architectural Associate II


Along with our LEED-certified development assistance, redT has also created our own high-performance homes designed to be “lite on your wallet and lite on the planet.” LiteHomes are newly constructed, eco-friendly single-family homes available at an attainable price point across the Denver Metro area. Thoughtfully designed in-house by our redT Architecture department, LiteHomes achieve LEED Gold Certification—plus so much more. All LiteHomes are LEED Gold (or higher) certified, ENERGY STAR certified, Indoor airPlus certified, and Zero Energy Ready Home certified. What do these certifications mean? They mean that LiteHomes are both healthier to live in and friendlier to the environment, all while being beautifully designed by redT Architects. Since the first LiteHome delivery in 2021, redT now has hundreds of homes in various phases of design and construction. 

Lets Work Together