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Here at redT Homes, we believe that a development project’s success depends significantly on each stage of development, from the acquisition of land to the property management following construction. As such, we strive to provide comprehensive services for every stage of new construction development. For instance, to provide support at every stage of the construction life cycle, we have recently established an in-house architecture department. 

Who We Are

We are a real estate company based in Denver that provides a wide range of services addressing new construction development’s full lifecycle. We strongly believe that a holistic approach to development is the key to a successful project, which is why, starting in January of 2019, we established an in-house architecture department. Our in-house architecture department consists of a team of highly experienced and skilled architects. We can aid both residential and commercial clients in planning, drawing, and designing new construction projects.

What We Do

Our team can provide a broad spectrum of new construction site planning and development services. Additionally, our consultants can offer professional guidance throughout the bidding and construction phases. Some of the specific architectural services we provide to our clients include concept design, site development planning, design development, and construction documentation coordination. Our team can also offer the following services:


Clients with existing construction in need of remodeling can turn to our team for expert guidance. Our team can help design additions and changes to improve existing construction based on the client’s functional or aesthetic needs.

Interior Design

Interior design is an essential component of a successful project. We can help plan and design an interior design that complements the construction’s existing design plans and meets the client’s functional and aesthetic requirements.

Consultative Guidance

Due to our architecture department’s experience and expertise, we can provide consultation services regarding your current development plans. With our help, you can make better decisions concerning your new construction development’s design and build.

How We Do It

Our architecture team will work closely with our acquisitions and development teams to conduct a thorough analysis of any given development site. Our architects will determine what can be designed and built on the proposed property. If the site has been deemed feasible by our acquisition team, our architects will work with our development team to decide on a build type. Once a build type has been agreed upon, one of our architects will compile a project proposal that will lay out the project’s scope for the client. We recommend requesting a meeting with our acquisitions, development, and architecture departments to have an initial analysis conducted to get started.

We Make it Easy to Work in One Place

Because we offer full-life-cycle development services (including our in-house architecture services), we can function as a one-stop-shop for our clients’ needs. Working with one real estate service for all of your development needs is beneficial for multiple reasons:

  • Improved collaboration – With traditional construction development projects, clients hire different companies to handle various development facets. Such an approach can be tricky since it can be challenging to get everybody on the same page. It’s much easier to keep track of what everyone is doing (and whether everybody is on schedule to help you achieve your goals) if you work with a single organization throughout the entire construction life cycle. 
  • Better communication – Trying to communicate with a handful of different organizations and acting as the go-between to try and foster collaboration is incredibly challenging. When working with numerous companies, there’s a much higher risk of miscommunication, resulting in mistakes and delays throughout the construction lifecycle. You’ll have no such issues with a firm that offers all the construction development services you need.
  • Clear accountability – Finally, when mistakes occur, the companies you’re working with will be quick to blame anyone but themselves. By working with just one organization, there will be clear accountability. At redT Homes, we take our responsibilities seriously.

When working with redT Homes, you’ll have access to our in-house architecture department, but you’ll also have instant access to our acquisitions and development teams. Not to mention that if you’re planning a development project, you’ll be pleased to know that our architect’s experience is primarily in development.

Meet Our Team

Our architecture department consists of architects with extensive experience and expertise in their field. They are responsible for numerous successful projects (both at redT Homes and elsewhere). Still, they have fostered a reputation for being incredibly easy to work with and accommodating to our clients. 

Savanna Nightengale

Savanna Nightengale is our Lead Architect here at redT Homes. She has considerable experience with development in the Denver area and both residential and commercial architecture. Her ability to interpret our clients’ needs and find unique solutions to help bring their projects to life results from her meticulous attention to detail, keen foresight, and genuine love of architecture.

Savanna has a Master’s Degree in Architecture, Planning, and Design from Kansas State University. She is also a member of AIA (American Institute of Architects) and is certified by the NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards). 

Our Recent Work

We pride ourselves on the successful development and construction of various developments throughout Denver. As you can see from our past work, our finished projects showcase a perfect balance of form and function. We will always strive to find that balance while tailoring any given project’s final design to our clients’ specific budgetary, functional, and aesthetic needs.

Our Results

At redT Homes, we offer our clients comprehensive architectural design services. As part of our architecture service, we provide expertise in concept design, site development planning, design development, and the coordination of all required construction documents. Our specialized consultants can also provide professional guidance during the bidding and construction phases of any development project.

Despite having just established our architecture department in 2019, we have already achieved impressive results. Since our new department’s inception, we have designed a $2.5 million home, an 18-unit townhome project, and an 18,000 square foot office/gymnasium. We are also currently working on designs for an additional 50-unit townhome project.

redT Homes provides professional services for every stage of new construction development, which means that we can meet all of your design and development needs.

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