redT LiteHomes: Company Vision to Make a Difference in Sustainable Building

LiteHomes make a difference in sustainable building and design

LiteHomes are built to make a difference. Built to make a difference for the environment. Built to make a difference for Denver residents. Built to make a difference in the new standard of sustainable development. 

In a process that has been repeated for years with minor insignificant changes, construction waste has been piled up in landfills with little to no regard from builders or homebuyers. You could say this is because most builders and developers do not want to flaunt this act, but that time to change is now. We want to be transparent as a full lifecycle real estate company. We are ready to implement permanent change across every aspect of development, from the acquisition of the lot to the home sale. redT is taking action to tackle the development process in a new light that shifts the focus of building to building sustainably. 

Why are LiteHomes important to redT?

LiteHomes provide a purpose to new construction in Denver. However, a further purpose drives a new product. Designing, building, and selling homes that enrich the lives of those in our community is why we do what we do. We want to present people with a home that will last for generations and be loved by every member of the community. Creating a community that is passionate about creating a better future for those after us is our goal, and it goes far beyond the construction and sale of a home. 

It comes back to our mission 

To design, build, and sell sustainable homes with the goal of enriching lives and delivering dreams. 

We never get tired of hearing that statement! redT lives by this as a company, and we are thrilled to be bringing it into action to new construction homes in the Denver Metro Area. Unfortunately, there are times where living by a mission is not effective, or it simply does not make a difference in the world. We live by this– employees at redT are passionate about every step we take to make a difference for the environment and live to create an attainably priced product that allows anyone to buy a home. By creating attainably priced homes in trendy Denver neighborhoods, we present any Denver resident with an opportunity to buy a home that supports a healthy lifestyle and a sustainable future. 

We value sustainability in building new construction 

When you drive around Denver, you will notice that you typically see large homes or large townhome development projects in infill communities. We have reimagined that idea and created single-family homes that are smaller in size, yet maintain a modern feel and finishes all while being attainability priced. Our homes provide instant additional value, right from the start, due to the energy-efficiency savings and capabilities. You will spend less money on your energy bills because of the consideration given to the design and functionality of our LiteHomes, from the efficient equipment inside the home to the placement of the windows to obtain a higher solar energy gain. All these efforts lead us to go for a LEED Certification which encourages sustainable building and living. Outside of the pro-environmental aspects inside the LiteHomes like energy efficiency or water usage savings, LEED ensures that the placement of homes are close to transit or parks to create a lifestyle driven by sustainability. To reinforce sustainability past the sale, we must shift our focus to the beginning of construction to create a sustainable lifestyle for anyone who buys a redT LiteHome. 

redT employees are passionate about building for a better future

redT employees are passionate about the development of LiteHomes. There has been a shift in energy in the office that drives every employee to do everything in their power to make a difference to build a better future for Denver residents and a better future for the one planet we live on. The excitement around LiteHomes has the whole office involved in one way or another. 

Our architecture team drives the design and functionality of energy-efficient homes; their team has grown substantially to dedicate time and resources to designing LiteHomes. The construction management team is on LiteHome sites daily to ensure developers and outside contractors are following all sustainable building practices. Our acquisitions team is growing to have all hands on deck to seek future LiteHome sites in neighborhoods all over Denver while also developing partnerships with local non-profits, education programs, and energy rating companies. Marketing is going all out to showcase the energy-efficient aspects of the homes and the “why” of LiteHomes. Sales are getting ready for a big fourth-quarter so they can sell these homes with a complete understanding of every small detail that goes into LiteHomes. There has never been more excitement about homes at redT, and we are just getting started. 

Why take the extra step to go LEED Gold?

redT does not have to go the extra step to be LEED Certified. We are taking the step for the planet and homeowners in Denver. LiteHomes are not for us; they are for you—to create an attainably priced home in a city where the housing market is roaring while also building to accommodate the sustainable lifestyles Denver residents desire. Taking the extra step to earn LEED certification makes us know that as a full lifecycle real estate company, we are doing the best we can to positively impact the environment in an industry that is often overlooked as a contributor to environmental issues. Going LEED makes the home comfortable for residents while boasting tremendous energy savings year after year. A LEED certification creates a space for single-family homes to make a difference for the environment and positively impact the community around them. 

In-house Architecture Team

redT Architecture, our in-house architecture team, drives the design of the LiteHomes. Every LiteHome is unique to make each home its own. Having an in-house architecture department allows for collaboration with our Acquisitions and Development teams to determine a project’s feasibility and best possible solutions. This results in excellent communication and accountability for all working on a project. 

Members of our architecture team are driven to create a product that reflects their values as architects in how they demonstrate their style and design to accommodate LEED Certification requirements to build high-quality energy-efficient homes. The passion for sustainable building and design stems from our Architecture team, who inspires the rest of the redT team to make a difference in building and designing energy-efficient homes in Denver. 

On-site Construction Management Team 

redT Construction Management Team is visiting LiteHome sites daily. Being present in all stages of construction lets our team tightly manage contractors and developers to make sure every stage of the building is compliant with building and energy codes related to phases of the LEED Certification. It is a company-wide commitment to move forward with LEED Gold Certified (or better) homes for every LiteHome project. The only way that redT can verify this is to be present during stages of construction. 

Building a better future matters in construction and development 

Nearly 30% of building materials delivered to a construction site end up as waste in a landfill. These numbers come from any development in the US, residential or commercial. As designers, builders, and sellers of energy-efficient homes in Denver, it is our responsibility to be part of what will make this statistic drop. There should be an effort to repurpose usable materials in every development—the way of building matters for us to leave a better world for those after us. New construction building accounts for 5.5% of all waste in the US. One of our goals in managing LiteHome construction and development is to set a standard in Denver to create a national influence to drive that number down as low as we can. 

Hear from our team 

All of redT is thrilled to be pioneering LiteHomes in Denver. Energy-efficient homes at an attainable price hit all the marks on our company values and hit the mark on what every individual at redT is passionate about. Our team loves LiteHomes and the philosophy behind them that we have had multiple employees purchase LiteHomes expected to be completed in 2021. LiteHomes are so great we have our employees biting at the bit to find their place in  LiteHome communities in Denver. Our team has experience and insight that indeed shows why redT is passionate about LiteHomes. 

Nathan Adams, CEO

“At redT, we aim for collaboration, and that goes right down to the mission statement, company values, and game plan in what we do and how we do it. We are fortunate enough to have investors in LiteHomes who care deeply about the impact on the environment for future generations. Aligning our staff’s mission and desires to build attainably priced, sustainably built, LEED-Certified homes is a win for our employees, a win for our investors, a win for the environment, and a win for the buyers that buy our product. This win/win/win/win scenario is a dream for a business owner, and like many of our buyers, employees, and colleagues, I have children and care deeply about what this world looks like for them when they become adults. We do our part to solve the inventory shortage that exists in real estate and to take care of the younger generation of buyers with attainably priced housing. We must do right by the world/environment we live in is something that gets me out of bed every morning genuinely fired up to go to work and make a difference!”

Savanna Nightengale, Principle Architect, AIA, NCARB

“When I look at a new LiteHome site, I begin to think about where the sun will infiltrate the future home. Then, I consider the footprint. How can we maximize space in a sustainable and functional plan without making it too big or too tight? What is the magic formula that makes it juuust right? The more efficient the plan, the fewer building materials we use. Being conscious of window and door placement, the more energy-efficient the home can be. Being thoughtful from the very start will enrich lives and deliver homeowner dreams for generations to come.”

Greg Cooper, VP of Construction 

“We have many processes to verify we are doing our part to conserve materials during construction. As we move forward with the construction phase of hundreds of LiteHomes, we will have multiple bins on-site to keep our waste separated: one for wood, one for concrete, and one for waste. Bins will be labeled, and our trades on site will help to coordinate what goes where in the recycling bins. On-site, there will be a designated person to help keep items sorted. Following proper sorting of construction materials, we require that the contractor hauls the materials away and supplies us with receipts from the recycling centers.” 

redT is here to make a difference in sustainable building in Denver

It is our commitment as a company to create attainably priced homes in Denver that support sustainability in building and provide homeowners with energy-efficient living by lowering their utility bills and lightening their footprint on the planet. Creating an opportunity in Denver for homebuyers to buy a home that aligns with their desire to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle is an opportunity that has rarely been presented in Denver. Being able to offer this for homeowners is an opportunity that redT is proud to have built upon. We created LiteHomes for people like you. Don’t live vicariously through the idea of a LiteHome; take action and find your forever (Lite)home today.

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