redT LiteHomes: Dependable, Energy-Efficient, and Attainably Priced

Find a forever home you and the environment can depend on 

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions that you will make in your life. There is tremendous thought about weighing the benefits and drawbacks of buying a home versus continuing to rent. Buying a home takes significant financial consideration, and you have to get real about what you can afford while also maintaining an appropriate lifestyle based on your income. Especially in Denver, living costs are high compared to other states or cities in the US. The average single-family home cost in Denver in April 2021 was $699,039. If you want to live in the Mile High City, you need to set your budget higher- that is the reality of living in Denver. With the development of LiteHomes, redT considered creating attainability-priced homes that any working professional can buy. redT LiteHomes are “lite” on your wallet and built to last generations. 

Building high-quality homes at an attainable price is what LiteHomes are about. With a LiteHome, you will have a forever home that is dependable and sustainably built to better the environment and your wallet. 

Why does sustainable building matter?

Sustainable building in Denver is crucial to the continuous development of the city. Builders and developers alike are shifting to build residential and commercial buildings that meet specific environmental qualifications such as LEED or EnergyStar home certifications. Building a new standard of homes in Denver creates space for growth– it allows for growth within development companies to shift towards a greener building process by building sustainably. It grows a space for Denver residents to buy a home that positively impacts the environment. It truly is a win/win situation when Denver development shifts its focus to sustainability. 

Sustainable building is important for various reasons: cost, improved indoor health, waste minimization, and created space for a new emerging construction market. Sustainable building reduces construction and development costs because sustainable building materials use less water and energy when building the project. Tight control over air quality control systems by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Indoor airPLUS require specialized construction methods that improve indoor air quality to a scale of outdoor air quality by minimalizing pollutants in the air. Sustainable building sites also decrease waste. There are procedures around repurposing and recycling building materials on-site, allowing for leftover materials to be put to use at a different building site instead of being tossed in the landfill. Sustainable building is a relatively new industry within construction over the last 20 years. The construction industry in the US has over 7 million employees and continues to grow year after year. Introducing sustainable building creates more jobs around education on sustainable building, design of sustainable products, and implementation of new sustainable designs, plus dozens of other professional careers. Sustainable building is a new part of the construction industry and will continue to evolve. 

Denver is one of the most sustainable cities in the world 

Denver is continuously ranked for being one of the most sustainable cities in the world. In 2020, Denver was listed as the fourth most sustainable city in the world by National Geographic. As part of being one of the most sustainable cities in the world, Denver has a goal to reach 100% renewable energy by 2023. The Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency (CASR) created sustainability goals that revolved around air quality, climate, energy, food, health, housing, land use, materials, mobility, water quality, water quantity, and the workforce. The CASR created these goals to emphasize community and leading by example. Every step Denver makes towards a more sustainable future must be adopted by residents and businesses of Denver. Teamwork accomplishes goals. 

For redT to be an impactful local business in Denver, we are taking matters into acquiring land, designing energy-efficient homes, and keeping green construction sites. As a full life cycle real estate company, our efforts towards sustainability hit every cycle within our company. As a company, we value sustainable building and living from every building developed in Denver; our passion for sustainability goes far beyond the construction of redT LiteHomes. 

Sustainability positively impacts the environment and your wallet

When you consider sustainability with a redT LiteHome, think of how LiteHomes are all-electric, LEED Certified, built with a green construction site, and built to last generations. LiteHomes are built with the environment, and homeowner’s in mind. The standard of being LEED Gold Certified positively impacts the environment compared to traditional homes because they meet a threshold of points to be considered under the LEED green rating system. The more energy-efficient the home, the more savings that follow. With sustainable building, there is an environmental impact on building products that are being repurposed instead of being thrown away. There are safe building practices that provide safe water runoff for surrounding parks or other homes. Sustainable building evolves to better the environment daily, redT’s construction team is deeply involved at the construction site of LiteHomes daily to ensure contractors are following sustainable building practices. 

Construction waste is thrown away and not recycled or multi-purposed

Over 30% of building materials that are delivered to a site can end up unused and as waste. Those materials can include concrete, asphalt concrete, wood, brick and clay tiles, gypsum drywall, asphalt shingles, and metal. These are all materials that can be easily repurposed at different building sites, and it is a waste of production and energy in creating these building materials for them to simply be thrown away. Taking small steps such as having separate recycling bins for different building materials at various sites is a step in the right direction to reduce construction waste. In 2018, there were 600 million tons of construction-related waste. Imagine what could have been built with 600 million tons of waste. Small steps to completely recycle and repurpose construction materials is the number one step builders should take towards making a sustainable building site. 

Sustainable building practices and certifications of LiteHomes

redT and our construction partners take great care to design, build, and sell energy-efficient homes that benefit buyer’s in the Denver Metro Area. We follow strict guidelines on the building site and connect with local energy partners to ensure homes are designed as efficiently as possible. All departments in redT have a passion for creating sustainable products that line up with our company mission: To design, build, and sell homes with the goal of enriching lives and delivering dreams. 

LEED Gold Certification 

Our LEED Certification is based on a point system. LiteHomes by redT earn a Gold Certification  (or better) ranging from 60-79 points. Being LEED Certified ensures our sustainable construction and home design. LEED Gold Certification focuses on comfort, sustainability, energy efficiency, and community. Factors leading up to the LEED Certification include the 2009 IECC, a standard energy conservation code that is standard across the US. Our LiteHomes exceed the 2018 IECC, and most cities are under 2015 IECC. The EnergyStar Certification sets standards for heating and cooling systems, electric lighting and appliances, and insulation and air-sealing techniques. Next is the Indoor airPlus Certification, which requires specific construction methods and products to improve indoor air quality by minimizing pollutants in the air. Building America, an energy research company that brings innovation to build sustainable, energy-efficient homes. The final step towards a LEED Certification is to be DOE ZERH Certified (Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready Homes). Essentially, on top of every other certification, your home will be renewable energy ready!

“Green” Building Site 

The LiteHomes construction and building sites are tightly managed by members of the redT Homes Construction Management team. Our team visits LiteHome building sites daily to ensure that all green building practices are being followed on-site such as appropriate items in the recycling bins and that each home hits the mark for every step leading up to the LEED Certification. 

Pro-environmental Aspects of LiteHomes

LiteHomes are built and designed with sustainability and environmental impact in mind. 

  • ENERGY STAR Lighting and Appliances and ENERGY STAR Certified Homes
  • All-Electric 
  • Solar-ready 
  • Eco-friendly Insulation 
  • Green Building Site
  • Advanced framing techniques  
  • Quality energy-rating 
  • Top indoor air quality  
  • Radon Resistant Construction
  • Pest Barriers
  • Moisture and Mold Control

What will redT deliver to you in your LiteHome

redT is committed to building a better future by building sustainable homes. redT promises to provide a LiteHome designed and built with sustainability in mind and the added promise of delivering comfortable, efficient living. Your LiteHomes will be a high-quality product at an attainable price, setting the Denver standard for green home building.

Attainably priced homes

New construction Denver homes can be expensive. redT Homes has designed LiteHomes to be attainably priced for new construction in Denver so every Denver resident has the opportunity to buy a new home that will last for generations. In your home, you will have high-end finishes like stainless steel appliances, soft-close cabinets, durable quartz countertops, LVP flooring, and gorgeous tile in the bathrooms. As part of your home, you will have outdoor space in your backyard in a trendy Denver neighborhood! Outdoor space with a new construction home in a Denver home is hard to come by at an attainable price. We offer you the best with a redT LiteHome. 

Energy-efficient homes to last a lifetime and generations

LiteHomes are built to a LEED Gold Standard or higher. We develop and design our homes this way so homeowners can save money on their utility bills, and so homes function generations properly. There is a shift to sustainability and efficiency; new construction homes in Denver are popping up all over with new designs to accommodate new city requirements to move forward with Denver’s goal to become a 100% renewable electricity city. LiteHomes are quality built to demonstrate functionality for years to come and are adaptive for future changes. 

Comfortable living with ample outdoor space

LiteHomes are designed to be comfortable for residents while also cutting out space that you don’t need. They are efficient for Denver residents. In your LiteHome, you will have three bedrooms and two and a half baths, as well as a comfortable living and dining area next to the kitchen. When designing the homes, redT Architecture wanted to maximize space into a sustainable and functional plan without making it too big or too small. In finding lots to build LiteHomes, our Acquisitions team considered the desire for outdoor space in Denver neighborhoods to assist our in-house architecture team by creating an ideal home with an exceptional yard. 

Integrated SMART Home Features

SMART Home features in the LiteHomes are placed to reduce energy use throughout all levels of the home. 

  • Nest Thermostats 
  • Nest Hello 
  • Nest Hub 
  • USB Outlets 
  • Wireless Garage Door Opener with Amazon Keyless Entry 

Comfortability and Sustainability Collide at the redT LiteHomes

Energy-efficient homes are the future of Denver. Be a leader, get a LiteHome, and set an example in Denver. You do not need to sacrifice comfortability in your home for a home that is energy-efficient and sustainably built. When you have a LiteHome, you have both! We have over 100 lots secured to build LiteHomes. Join us on our journey of building, designing, and selling sustainable homes, and start your journey with a redT LiteHome. 

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