Dive into real estate development with Paul Ko, redT’s CIO, as he unveils the 2024 game plan and exclusive investment opportunities with redT’s incubator program!

Dive into the world of real estate development with Chris Lopez and Paul Ko, Chief Investment Officer at redT. In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, Paul’s family development company faced bankruptcy, providing him with a crash course in the volatile nature of the real estate market. Fast forward to 2010, and we find Paul house hacking a fourplex property, a pivotal moment that ignited his passion for real estate investing. Paul shares insights into the evolving landscape of development, and redT’s strategic game plan for the upcoming wave of deals in 2024. Watch now to learn about redT’s incubator program and seize your chance to ride the wave of unique investment opportunities!

(04:16) How Paul started developing properties

(08:06) redT’s Incubator Program for Investors

(14:10) Next 2008 crash – what are the opportunities?

(23:50) redT deals: Limited Partner investing

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Who is redT Homes?

red T Homes is a mission-driven, values-based residential real estate development company in Denver, known for offering a comprehensive suite of services encompassing land acquisition, entitlement, design, architecture, construction, marketing, and sales. What sets them apart is their resolute commitment to “Building A Greener Colorado,” prioritizing the well-being of families and the environment. Their projects are built to a LEED Gold Certification standard or better, and they exclusively partner with developers, builders, and investors who share this commitment. As pioneers, red T is the first homebuilder west of the Mississippi to meet the rigorous US Green Building Council standards for LEED Zero Certification, resulting in the design, construction, and sale of healthy, eco-friendly new homes that combine beauty, functionality, and sustainability, making them a transformative force in the real estate industry.