Vincent Deorio, redT’s new CEO, reveals his strategies for the organic expansion of redT, advancing the mission of sustainable housing.

Ever wondered how a real estate entrepreneur transitions from distressed property investments to spearheading a pioneering green building initiative? Dive into “The Strategy Behind Scaling a Company with redT Homes New CEO Vincent Deorio” as we engage in a captivating conversation with Vincent, the CEO of redT Homes. Discover the intricacies of scaling a company and the visionary plans for sustainable growth. From his start in Southern California to overseeing expansive projects in 25+ states, Vincent shares insights into the challenges and successes of his journey. Uncover how redT, under Vincent’s leadership, is set to close 160 homes in 2024, initiate 275 new units, and acquire 350 more units of land in Colorado. This episode explores the dynamic realm of green building, company scaling, and the future of redT, providing a unique perspective on success in the real estate industry.

(01:28) Vincent’s experience scaling real estate companies

(12:10) Joining redT as the new CEO

(22:50) Playbook for expanding into a new market

Who is redT Homes?

red T Homes is a mission-driven, values-based residential real estate development company in Denver, known for offering a comprehensive suite of services encompassing land acquisition, entitlement, design, architecture, construction, marketing, and sales. What sets them apart is their resolute commitment to “Building A Greener Colorado,” prioritizing the well-being of families and the environment. Their projects are built to a LEED Gold Certification standard or better, and they exclusively partner with developers, builders, and investors who share this commitment. As pioneers, red T is the first homebuilder west of the Mississippi to meet the rigorous US Green Building Council standards for LEED Zero Certification, resulting in the design, construction, and sale of healthy, eco-friendly new homes that combine beauty, functionality, and sustainability, making them a transformative force in the real estate industry.

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