redT Homes LEEDing the Way in Sustainable Living: A Generous Step Towards Attainability


In the pursuit of sustainable living, the cost can often be a barrier for many. However, redT Homes, a prominent figure in Denver’s real estate scene, is breaking barriers by embracing generosity and belief in the benefits of their product. One significant move they’ve made is absorbing the LEED Zero Certification fee for new homeowners, a decision that reflects their commitment to both the city of Denver and the broader sustainable living community.


The Value of Living in a LEED Zero Home

Living in a LEED Zero (the equivalent of net zero) home offers unparalleled benefits, both in terms of energy efficiency and overall health. However, these benefits come at a cost. The burden of the LEED Zero Certification fee would normally fall upon the new homeowner, adding to the already substantial investment made in pursuit of creating a more sustainable lifestyle. Recognizing this challenge, redT Homes has taken a proactive step to alleviate some of the financial strain associated with certification.


redT’s Commitment: Absorbing Certification Costs

redT Homes takes pride in their commitment to sustainability. They understand that building to LEED Zero standards requires additional investment, such as integrating solar panels, which can add between $15,000 to $25,000 per unit, and upwards. Despite these costs, redT Homes believes in the long-term benefits for homeowners and the environment.


By covering the initial LEED Zero Certification fee for new homeowners, redT Homes is not only demonstrating their generosity but also making sustainable living more accessible to a broader audience. This decision reflects their belief in the value of their product and its positive impact on the community.



Investing in Long-Term Sustainability

LEED Zero certifications are valid for three years, during which certified projects must submit performance data annually. Renewal fees, which can be costly, underscore the ongoing commitment required to maintain these standards. By absorbing the initial certification fee, redT Homes is not only investing in the present but also in the future sustainability of their properties.


Join Us in Embracing Sustainable Living

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By prioritizing generosity and investing in the long-term sustainability of their properties, redT Homes is setting a precedent for the real estate industry. Their decision to absorb the LEED Zero Certification fee not only benefits new homeowners but also reinforces their belief in the value of sustainable living. As we look to the future, redT Homes is on a mission to Build A Greener Colorado and a more sustainable world, one home at a time.