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Developer Services​

At redT Homes, the developers we work with aren’t just clients; to us, they are partners with whom we build long-term relationships. They are why our focus extends far beyond the sales at the end of a development project: the process – and what we can provide along the way – are our specialty: few traditional real estate brokerages offer the number of services and range of support we provide. Our standard listing agreements include extensive development services and resources that developers can rely on throughout the life cycle of a project, from pre-acquisition to property management following sales.

Because we strive to support developers throughout their projects’ lifecycle, we have structured our entire brokerage around providing the assistance you need. We offer an extensive understanding of the financial considerations that developers face. Our experience across the entire development process enables us to offer professional support to new and established developers. Our team consists of experts spanning new construction sales, architectural planning, entitlements, property management and more, all to make your development deal as seamless and thorough as possible.

Additionally, we have an entire department dedicated to identifying and securing properties with high development potential. Our internal acquisition team continually reviews changing city requirements and offers a deep understanding of Denver’s zoning and building restrictions.

Our vast network of resources throughout the Denver area allows us to regularly link developers to sellers. Many of our developer partners have achieved success in developing the properties that we recommended to them at redT Homes.


Acquiring land for your development project is an involved process. Numerous factors contribute to whether the site you choose is suitable for your development plan. At redT Homes, we provide acquisition services that include comprehensive project feasibility analysis and professional zoning consultations throughout the Denver area. By working closely with our acquisitions team, we’ll help you ensure that the site you plan to build on is worth the investment.

Sell A Development

We have both a marketing team and a sales team here at redT Homes, which means that we can help our clients successfully sell their new developments, even before construction is complete. Our marketing team has an exceptional track record for pre-sales. Using proven strategies, we can ensure that your development is properly marketed throughout the Denver area and stands out against the competition. 

Following construction, our sales team can help sell unsold units. You will have access to a dedicated team seven days a week. We can show your property with little to no notice. Every one of our sales reps has a thorough understanding of new construction and experience educating buyers who are unfamiliar with the process.

Architecture Firm

RedT’s in-house architects enable us to provide complete support to our clients throughout the new development construction life cycle. Our architects offer clients their expertise in concept design, design development, site development planning, and more, including guidance during bidding and construction phases of development.

Development Services

We offer our clients a full range of development services throughout the Denver area that function together in a symbiotic relationship, ensuring proper constructability and saving you money. Our development services include entitlement process assistance, plan design assistance, project budget assistance, party wall creation management assistance, and architectural planning assistance. Our development team has the experience and expertise required to provide the guidance and support our clients need.

Property Management

Our property management branch in Denver can help clients create a party wall agreement, which is an absolute necessity for any development that consists of units with shared walls. A party wall agreement can help minimize future risks following the sale of your development’s units. We will also ensure that our clients’ properties are effectively managed after the units are sold to transfer ownership and management responsibilities seamlessly.

Land Finder


Our familiarity with the area means that we can help you find land that suits your development plans. We have a thorough understanding of the local market and Denver zoning regulations: we can find land that is valued fairly, meet your specific needs, and provide ample opportunity for a high ROI.

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