LEED is the most recognized green building certification in the nation. All redT homes are certified in the top two scoring categories of LEED (LEED Gold or higher). This means that new construction from redT offers the pinnacle of comfort, sustainability, energy efficiency, and community.

Indoor airPLUS

Indoor Air contains 2 to 5 times as many pollutants as outdoor air, which can cause allergies, asthma, migraines, eye strain, and other respiratory illnesses. To build healthier homes for the Denver community, redT achieves Indoor airPlus certification through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


The “Zero Energy Ready Home” program through the Department of Energy provides further certification for energy efficiency, water efficiency, and indoor air quality.


LiteHomes are newly constructed, LEED Gold (or higher) single-family homes that are lite on your wallet and lite on the planet. Designed in-house by redT, these right-sized homes achieve LEED certification, Indoor airPlus certification, DOE ZERH certification, and ENERGY STAR certification – plus a sleek, modern appearance.


ENERGY STAR certification assures that your home will operate to maximum efficiency. ENERGY STAR homes have tighter thermal enclosure systems, professionally stalled insulation, high-performing windows, and a range of energy efficient appliances. These features will lead to more comfortable temperatures and lowered utility costs.


We’re planting seeds of change! redT plants two trees for every one tree used in our building process. By replenishing these resources at a ratio of 2:1, we are building a greener Colorado and a greener world for generations to come.

Certified Green Proffesional

redT’s passion for building healthier, greener homes is strengthened by rigorous and dynamic continuing education. Along with completing green building education through the U.S. Green Building Council, redT’s team members are also Certified Green Professionals through the National Association of Homebuilders.


The HERS Index measures a home’s energy efficiency compared to that of a standard home on the market. At redT, our new construction homes constantly achieve outstanding HERS Index scores that indicate supreme levels of energy efficiency.