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Click the following images below to quickly send a letter to the City of Arvada to show your support for our efforts to Build A Greener Colorado. They are pre-written to make for a quick, painless process. After adding your name and address, be sure to read the email before sending to ensure you agree with the message. Thank you for your consideration and assistance in helping us Build A Greener Colorado.

Howard Ranch - Support Letters


"I am writing in support of the development at 14760 W 64th Ave, otherwise known as Howard Ranch. I think that this development is an important addition to the Arvada Housing inventory, specifically the diversity..."


"I support the proposed rezoning and subsequent development at 14760 W 64th Ave. I’m exceptionally concerned about climate change and the lack of effort to combat it. I’ve seen new real estate developments pop up..."


"I am writing to you in the hopes that you vote to approve the rezoning request at 14760 W 64th Ave. We have lived in Arvada for ____ years and have owned our current home for _____ years. Our son/daughter recently graduated..."

We Need Your Support

redT Homes is proud to share our forward-thinking vision for Howard Ranch, our new residential development in beautiful Arvada, Colorado. Howard Ranch encompasses 13 acres at the Southwest corner of West 64th Avenue and Indiana Street, and it borders the Croke Canal on the northern fringes of Hyatt Lake. The serene water’s edge location provides a gorgeous backdrop for our first full LiteHomes subdivision.


While our plans are sincere, and well intended, we have run into a common development snag. City staff has recommended approval, but we ran into some neighbor/community opposition at Planning Commission. In response, we have made significant changes to our proposal to mitigate neighbors’ concerns.

A Greener Arvada

At redT our mission is Building A Greener Colorado, and our proposed Howard Ranch neighborhood will be developed, designed, and constructed to a LEED Gold Certification, (or higher). The new homes featured at Howard Ranch will be built with your health in mind and have a special focus on environmentally responsible construction.


We have exciting plans for Howard Ranch, our new subdivision in beautiful Arvada. The 13 acre property is the perfect location for our new neighborhood with varied home types and lots of open space. But, as you will see, our plans have been slowed by the Planning Commission’s recommendations. We are hoping you will take a few minutes to review the information provided and then submit a letter of support to the Arvada City Council (Don’t worry we have provided a number of email templates for you choose from and customize).

Meeting the Housing Inventory Need

With the housing inventory shortage the Metro area is experiencing, we are doing our best to bring new homes, of various types, to market as quickly as possible. With that in mind, we’d like to emphasize that redT specializes in environmentally friendly, green building, in infill settings like Howard Ranch.

The new subdivision will provide 22 single family homes around the perimeter of the property, with 30 duplex units and 12 cluster style residences within the interior of the proposed design.

Variety of Homes

The home types proposed for the Howard Ranch property will vary from single family detached, to duplex, and cluster residences, meeting the City of Arvada’s Comprehensive Plan future use recommendation. The goal for each LiteHome type is to be lite on the wallet and lite on the planet. redT works hard to achieve this goal by designing and constructing our homes to the highest energy efficiency standards. We consider the carbon footprint of the new homes by purposefully reducing environmentally harmful materials used in traditional construction. redT is able to do this while keeping homes attainably priced.

Attainable vs. Affordable Difference

One of redT’s steadfast goals is to bring attainably priced homes to the market. Attainable and affordable housing are not the same. We received some concerned feedback when we presented a conceptual plan of this development to our neighbors at a recent Arvada Planning Commission meeting. Affordable housing is a legal term with governed pricing limitations; the term is often confused with attainable homes. Attainable housing does not have such limitations and is sold at or near market value. redT is proposing healthy, high quality, attainably priced housing.

Building A Greener Colorado

At redT we base attainability on the market medians. Our LiteHomes are premium homes with modern, upscale finishes, and they carry the same per square foot value (in some cases higher) as homes in the comparable surrounding area. Designing and building environmentally responsible housing is often more expensive than traditional construction. The higher quality materials and systems required to Build A Greener Colorado and qualify for LEED Gold Certification (or higher) not only increase the value of the homes, but increase the cost to build them. One of the primary ways we keep LiteHomes attainable is by reducing the overall size of the homes we build. This allows us to be competitive when bringing new homes to the market. When we do bring them to market, our aim is to price them at or near the neighborhood median price.

Green Space & Vegetation

Misconceptions About Home Values

Why We Build Homes Without Gas

Arvada Planning Commission Objections | redT Solutions



Help us spread the word to your neighbors to help generate more support. We welcome all the help we can get! Email city council by clicking the button to be directed below to view the email templates


If you support redT’s efforts to meet the Metro area’s housing demand by Building A Greener Colorado, please share this information with your neighbors to help generate more support.

3. BE THERE August 15th 

Be There June 6th Please join us at the Arvada City Council Meeting to show your support for our Howard Ranch LiteHomes project. | When: June 6th at 6:15 pm | Where: 8101 Ralston Rd, Arvada, CO 80002

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Thank You For Your Support