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redT Homes takes pride in creating lasting relationships with its developers- our services and concerns extend past the point of the sale. Our entire brokerage is structured around assisting developers, utilizing a qualified and engaged team that is knowledgeable in every aspect of development


Client Services

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At redT Homes we care deeply about the success of the developers we work with. We view ourselves as long term partners—and our services and concern goes far beyond the sales process at the end of a project. As opposed to traditional brokerages, our standard listing agreements include development services and resources that can help developers from pre-acquisition through to property management following sales. We have structured our entire brokerage around helping developers, and the difference is apparent in every aspect of our business; our staff is comprised of experts in not just the sale of new construction units, but in every aspect of development. Our deep knowledge base and understanding of the financial considerations developers face as well as the entitlement and construction process enable us to offer assistance to both new and established developers.

redT Homes has an entire department dedicated to identifying and securing developable properties. Our Acquisitions Team is constantly reviewing changing city requirements and is well versed on the Zoning and Building restrictions that dictate a developable property’s highest and best use. We regularly link Developers we work with to Sellers and many of our Developer partners have benefitted from developing multiple properties passed to them by redT Homes.



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We have Team members that are experts in the Denver Development and Entitlement process, and we make the same checklists and systems that we use internally available to Developers at no additional cost. Throughout a project, we can act as an ongoing resource should entitlement issues arise. Our past experience can often provide quick solutions to problems we have previously seen and dealt with.

Plan Design Assistance

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The benefit of a Sales Team with development knowledge and background is realized from the instant Developers start planning a project. We can provide advice and guidance on market expectations as well as feedback and review of Developers’ in-progress plans. Our Team understands the importance of balancing design, constructability, and affordability. We truly view ourselves as a resource to help Developers balance those development considerations to ensure the success of your project.


Project Budget Assistance

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Our team has access to historic construction cost data specific to Multifamily For Sale developments. This data is compiled from the various Developers we work with and reflects the latest market costs as dictated by multiple bids on numerous recent projects. This data is an invaluable resource to every Developer as they work through project budget analysis with their General Contractors. Our feedback can help Developers negotiate a complete and thorough contract that can help avoid costly change orders later.

Xcel Energy

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One of the largest sources of delay and frustration to a Developer is navigating the bureaucratic system of local utility companies. At last count, a single application for new utility services changes hands over 15 times, and each exchange can result in delays (or even lost applications!) that can significantly impact the success of a Developer’s project. We have resources and connections that enable us to handle the entire utility application process for the Developers we work with.


Partywall Management

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Development of townhomes requires great care be taken in creating a party wall agreement that will help minimize future risks once all units are sold. Essential to this is ensuring that any items that require ongoing outside management is properly accounted and prepared for. redT Homes operates a property management branch that allows us to ensure projects are managed appropriately post-sale as well as to ensure that the transfer of ownership and management responsibilities is as seamless and as easy as possible for developers.



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In January of 2019 redT Homes established an in-house architecture department as part of our ongoing attempt to support the full-life-cycle of new construction development. This addition provides a uniquely comprehensive service to the Denver new construction market, by aiding in the planning, drawing, and design of residential and commercial new construction projects.

 Since its inception, redT Architecture has designed a $2.5 million dollar home, an 18,000 square foot office/gymnasium, which will become the headquarters for a local non-profit, and 18 unit town home project. redT Architecture is currently beginning designs on an additional 50 unit townhome project.

We offer expertise in concept design, site development planning, design development, and the coordinating of all construction documents. In addition, we offer consultative guidance during our client's bidding and construction phases. redT Homes is a one-stop shop for all of your design and development needs.


Dedicated Marketing Team

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A unique advantage of our brokerage is our in house Marketing Team. Using tested strategies, we have a great track record of pre-sales. We manage the complete process to ensure that nothing is overlooked and each project stands out against the competition.

Dedicated Sales Team

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Our dedicated sales team can be reached any any day of the week in order to fully serve all clients including developers. We are able to show properties with little to no notice. Every member on the team is well versed in new construction and is able to walk buyers through the unfamiliar process of new construction.