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Sell Your Land with redT


Our team sources land for the clients that we serve, by matching local properties with developer’s investment criteria. We are experts in on-market and off-market deals, and we pride ourselves on getting you the best price for your property. Want to know the value of your land? Contact us today to speak to a redT Acquisitions expert.


We Make It Easy To Sell


We work direct with sellers & buyers, so there is no need to pay two brokers


No open houses or countless showings


We find buyers in 30 days or less


Who We Are

redT Homes is a Denver-based real estate company with an expertise in the full lifecycle of new construction development projects from: sourcing land, architecture, entitlement, sales, property management, and finance.  


What We Do

We connect landowners with investors that are looking to build as quickly as possible and thus are willing to pay top dollar to get land now.  We handle everything from single families to large multi-family residential. 


How We Do It

Discovery- we find out info on what makes the property valuable
Analyzing- Density Study → Sales Estimation → Construction Costs
Present an Offer- we work internally to present an offer you cannot refuse

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