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Recent Projects

We purchase properties in need of some TLC and perform renovations to create updated, liveable dwellings in neighborhoods across Denver.

Our goal is to make your selling experience as streamlined and stress-free as possible.

Below, you’ll find two properties we’ve revamped in Rosedale and Sunnyside.

2434 S Corona Street

We updated this five-unit complex in Rosedale. We added central heating and air conditioning; installed new floors, kitchens, bathrooms and added private yards, where previously there had been communal lawn space.



2541 W 39th Avenue

We remodeled this Sunnyside duplex into two separate townhomes. We refinished the basements, including the addition of a bathroom, a bedroom and an office in the lower level. 

Upstairs, we installed coffered ceilings, new floors, and updated the bathrooms and kitchens, including appliances, plumbing and modern cabinetry. Outside, we renovated the garage and created enclosed yard spaces.



Our Process

We’ll work with you in four key phases:

DiscoveryLet’s have a conversation

We want to know what you need, what you expect and what you intend to gain by selling your property for development. We’ll highlight the benefits our team can provide, answer any of your questions and give you a sense of what the process – unique to your property – will entail.

Offering a ContractLet’s make a deal

We will put up earnest money immediately to show you we’re serious about moving forward with your property’s development potential.

Due DiligenceLet’s do the research

When you put your property under contract with us, we get to work right away, performing surveys, engaging our in-house architects, working with civil engineers and liaising with the city to test the feasibility of our plans for your property.

This process can be intimidating, but our experienced team is ready to move this along as quickly as possible. We commit to being in constant communication with you: you will know where we are in the timeline at every stage. 

We commit to completing this due diligence work within the time frame specified in your purchase contract.

Purchase ClosingLet’s wrap it up

Once we’ve completed all of the due diligence steps required to move forward with development, it’s time to close on your property. You’ll feel great knowing you’ve received the most for your property and that you have invested in Denver’s attainable real estate future.

There are three key reasons you should work with a development broker when selling your property for land value:

  • You need a trusted & experienced advisor: Are you getting a good deal? Development is much more complex than traditional real estate. We assess a property?s value based on a variety of factors, such as how much it will cost a developer to build, the selling prices of nearby properties, as well knowing other prospective upcoming projects in your area.

  • Developers are expert negotiators: we can advocate on your behalf to negotiate the best possible deal and manage the transaction to ensure everything goes smoothly.

  • We have an extensive network of developers we can bring directly to you: We have a deep bench of developer contacts and can ensure your property is well-marketed to those who would be most interested. We know our developers well: which neighborhoods they prefer, the size they need, when they are looking to buy, and more. This means we can connect you to the right developers, ones who tend to pay more for land than larger ‘low-balling’ companies.


I had a fantastic experience with Red T. Taylor helped me sell my home to a local developer. He helped me negotiate an incredible price, and then made the process and necessary transactions frictionless and remarkably easy. I would definitely use them again and recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone looking to sell their home or property.
Omeed Saghafi
Wash Park Homeowner
From the start, Taylor outlined the entire process including how these deals come together, developer metrics for valuing properties, what hurdles we may face trying to sell the property off-market, and answered any questions/concerns I had initially about working with him. Throughout the entire process he kept me informed about what marketing had been done, what his developer clients were saying, and always answered my calls promptly. I really appreciated the upbeat, positive attitude (particularly coming from such a young man) that Taylor displayed in every interaction I had with him. I got a price that I was very happy with for my home, did not have to deal with the stress of showings and constantly having people walk through my house, and he made the transaction as trouble free as he possibly could. In short, I would highly recommend Taylor Jacobs for the sale of your property if you would like to go the route of selling it to a developer.
Tim Cahill
Bonnie Brae Homeowner

What We Can Do For You

When you choose to sell your property as land for its development value, you gain a combined 3+ decades of knowledge from our team. Spanning multiple departments – including acquisitions, finance, architecture, construction, planning and permitting – our team offers unique expertise on the full scope of the development process in Denver.

We’re committed to maximizing your return on your property when you sell to us. We’ve streamlined our processes for handling development exploration and permit acquisition with the city, making your experience as a seller as seamless as possible.

We’re in This for Good

At RedT, we are committed to a responsibility to develop attainable housing solutions for Denver’s growing population. We’re focused on creating
intelligently-designed, energy-efficient single-family homes using earth-conscious, waste-mitigated construction methods.

RedT focuses on aligning unique, high-development-potential properties with our deep bench of developer clients. Your property might be worth more than you think: our job is to set you up with a buyer who is looking to make you that extra worthwhile offer.

We know Denver real estate well and we would love to work with you: we’d love to help you get the most for your property and align you with the perfect developer, looking for a property just like yours.

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