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My name is Taylor Jacobs and Iā€™m a broker at redT Homes who specializes in sourcing land for the Single-Family Residence (SFR) developer community. In Wash Park, we know developers that are actively looking for land and are willing to pay between $800,000 and $900,000 for lots depending on location and size.  If you are considering selling your house and want to know its development value, give us a call. 

  1. We have the highest land comp sale for Wash Park in 2019 at $850,000.

  2. We handle both the buy and sell sides of the transaction saving you thousands of dollars in commission payments.

  3. Having developed projects ourselves, we are very well connected in the development community; when we call people pick up. 

  4. Our typical listing agreements last a month, so it is a very low risk proposition for our clients.

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Taylor Jacobs, Broker


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