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Kevin Bree

Kevin Bree, Marketing Manager

Kevin began his formal career in advertising and marketing when he launched his first start-up design company in 1997. Two years later he purchased a successful publishing company, through which he produced multiple award-winning news magazines.

In 2006, Kevin moved his family across the country from Maine to Colorado to begin new entrepreneurial adventures. His passion for creating engaging marketing content, with a particular emphasis on brand development and management, continues to lead him to unique opportunities in assisting individuals, small businesses and world-wide organizations in achieving their branding and marketing goals.

Kevin thrives on new challenges, particularly those that expand a company’s reach. He enjoys collaborating with and leading clients and team members on the creative journey that begins with concept development and continues with ongoing captivating marketing and advertising projects. He has been described by his peers as the type of individual who sees opportunities on a macro level, while ensuring detailed accuracy on a micro level—which are the skills he attributes to the success he experiences in his endeavors.

Kevin lives in Colorado Springs with his wife and their three kids. In his free time, he likes to travel with his family, explore new trails on his mountain bike and… His latest personal challenge is leaning how to surf—yes, while living in a landlocked state.

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