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Colin Voorhees

Colin Voorhees: Acquisition Analyst

Colin Voorhees is the acquisitions analyst at redT. He spends most of his days perusing city maps, new neighborhoods, zoning code and building out our proformas. Doesn’t that sound dry? He sure doesn’t think so- he enjoys nerding out over these kinds of things! In his last few years at redT, Colin has underwritten well over 600 properties leading to our acquisition of multifamily and townhouse developments, value-add opportunities, and many single-family home sites.


Colin is a big believer in home ownership, its role in familial stability and supporting the fabric of a great neighborhood. He appreciates his integral role in bringing more housing to the market to help keep prices stable, therefore making it possible for more people to purchase a home of their own.


Colin is a lifelong Coloradan, so he’s seen some huge changes from multiple new sports teams to the build-out of the Union Station neighborhood and Lodo. He loves mountain biking, a good whiskey sour (with egg white of course), and will forever argue that Copper Mountain is the best place to ski!


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