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Guide to New Construction

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We Know You Have Questions

Get help from New Construction Advisors


New construction is a different process than traditional construction





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What you will get from this guide:


This guide is intended to grow your knowledge as a new construction homebuyer. Whether it is educating you on the unforeseen costs in a traditional home or making the knowledge on construction delays clear or breaking down buyer frustrations, this guide is here for you. It is here so you can worry less and do more with understanding the clear and delivered expectations from your New Construction Advisors.



New Construction Milestones
New Construction Expectations
Benefits of Buying New
Frustrations & What to do about it

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Take a sneak peek at what is inside:

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Take the time to find the right people to work with in your home buying process, redT has New Construction Advisors that are here to help ease your frustrations in the process.


Benefits of Buying New

Find out why buying a new construction home is right for you, there are endless benefits to new construction that can save you time, money, space, and hassle.

Modern Floorplans
You may notice that as you look at newly-constructed homes that many have open layout floorplans. Modern, open layouts are becoming very popular to buyers as new condo and townhome products become available on the market. Open floorplans make your room appear larger and makes communication easier throughout your living spaces.

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+ What homes are currently available ?

At redT we are always constantly building new development condos and townhomes. We keep our New Listings page updated on our main site. You can find what homes are currently available here.

+ When could I see a property ?

You can see a property nearly 24/7. Our sales team is extermely dedicated to helping our buyers find their dream home that they are available ALWAYS 7 days a week and even on holidays. To see a property, visit the specific properties "Schedule a Showing" page or go to redT's "Schedule a Showing" page located here.