Giving Back

Live Local

Our team is doing amazing things for the community, both in and out of the office. While building and developing greener homes in Denver is redT’s driving mission; we know that healthy homes are just one piece of a system that fosters wellbeing, equity, and opportunity. This is why redT’s passionate team members take steps to volunteer all throughout Denver, providing assistance to individuals, families, and neighborhoods in need of support. 

Take a look at a few of our redT team members in action.


CEO Provides Sponsorship to “Project Our Town”

If you think that CEOs sit behind a desk with the door closed all day, too busy to look up at the community around them, then you haven’t met the CEO of redT. In support the local non-profit Project Our Town, Nathan Adams and his family have provided both financial sponsorship and hands-on volunteer work. Recently, Nathan and his family made over 500 care packages for disadvantaged seniors and over 200 encouragement packages for struggling students in Adams County. 


Mentorship at University of Colorado - Denver

Savanna is the Principal Architect of redT and an integral part of redT’s leadership team. With a passion for green building, Savanna has pioneered the design of redT’s innovative LiteHomes product and propelled redT’s push to Build a Greener Colorado. Outside of the office, though, she cares just as much about how to make a positive impact through architecture. In her free time, Savanna serves as a mentor for the College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Colorado – Denver. 

Local Platte River Cleanup

Colin is an Acquisition Analyst at redT who has gone above and beyond to keep the local Denver environment clean of trash and excess waste. Colin organizes a regular cleanup event with other redT volunteers who gather together after work hours to do their part for Denver. These cleanup sessions originally focused on the Platte River area near the office, but they have now expanded to other in-need locations as well. To take his efforts one step further, Colin has even ensured that the volunteer team uses buckets instead of trash bags while cleaning—which leads to less waste and limits the environmental impact! 

We Plant Trees with “One Tree Planted”!

Not only do passionate redT employees pursue volunteer initiatives outside of the office, but we also pursue volunteer efforts together as a company. In 2021, redT began a partnership with the nonprofit One Tree Planted. Through this partnership, redT has committed to planting two trees to replace every tree used in building our LiteHomes at a ratio of 2:1. So far, we have planted 2,040 trees to help lessen our carbon footprint and combat deforestation, with many more to come! 

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