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Services for Property Developers in Denver

At redT Homes, we provide comprehensive property development services to clients throughout the Denver area. These services include assisting with the entitlement process to ensure that you receive legal permission to build on your land and remain compliant with Denver’s specific rules and regulations. Once you’ve made it through the entitlement process, our team can assist with the plan design, project budget, utility application process, the final design of your development, and property management post-construction.


The entitlement process for land development projects in Denver can be complex. At redT Homes, we have a team of experts who are familiar with the ins and outs of the development and entitlement processes, from creating and submitting formal proposals to providing local planning departments with the proper environmental and technical studies.

We have established systems to ensure that the process runs smoothly and offer these checklists and systems to our clients at no additional cost, along with ongoing entitlement process support.

Plan Design Assistance

A great development support team offers ample experience in planning, design and market value. We work closely with our clients to provide professional advice and guidance concerning market expectations. We can also review in-progress plans and offer valuable feedback.

Our team focuses on the importance of balancing design with constructability and affordability. We can put your finished development in the best position to succeed over the long term.

Project Budget Assistance

Properly planning your construction budget is vital to achieving the highest possible ROI once your development is completed. At redT Homes, we can help you establish a realistic budget: we compile data of recent market costs and construction bids to understand the construction costs of Multi-Family for Sale developments. The information we have collected is invaluable for developers working through their project budget analysis with their General Contractors.

We can also provide detailed feedback on your project budget analysis, which you can use to negotiate a complete and thorough contract, helping you to avoid costly change orders later.

Party Wall Creation Management

If you are building a townhouse development, you will need to establish the initial HOA. As a developer-controlled HOA, you will also need to create a party wall agreement that outlines the ownership and maintenance obligations of a shared wall. Once you sell your development’s units, having a party wall agreement will minimize future risks. 

At redT Homes, we also operate a property management branch as part of our holistic approach to real estate development. We can help you set up your party wall agreement. We will also ensure that your development is managed correctly post-sale. We can help you transfer ownership and management responsibilities seamlessly and easily.


We offer in-house architectures to help you plan your new construction developments. Our highly experienced architects provide the full range of services you’d expect from an architecture firm, ranging from assistance with concept design, planning for site development, designing the development, and coordinating all required construction documents for residential and commercial projects.

Our architecture department provides full support throughout the entire lifecycle of new construction development, offering a one-stop-shop for design and development. Since we began offering architectural services, we have designed an 18,000 square foot office/gymnasium, a $2.5 million home, and an 18-unit townhouse development. We are also underway on the design for a 50-unit townhouse project.

Our architecture team works in conjunction with our other departments to provide you with a seamless experience. Our holistic approach saves you money and ensures proper constructability for your development.

The lack of silos between our various development services is a considerable advantage over hiring multiple companies to handle different development aspects. Our holistic approach saves you money and ensures proper constructability when your new development is constructed.

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