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The Right Place for a Tight Space Pt. 2


In our previous post, we looked at the first 5 questions to ask yourself while reviewing plans for a new construction development. In this segment, we will analyze the final 5 questions to make the most of your project.

  1. Tankless water heaters: This might seem like an expensive option, but since tight spaces often mean you’ll be needing the more expensive power venting 40 or 50 gallon tank options, the difference in moving to a tankless system.

  2. Closet Systems: While not one of the cheapest options, sometimes you end up with a higher priced unit that is tight on storage in the master bedroom. If this is going to be a consistent deal breaker for potential buyers, considering a built in closet system might make good financial sense before having to make large dollar concessions to secure a contract.

  3. TV & Couch placement: This might seem like a no brainer, but it’s important to actually take the time to stop and consider where buyers are going to place their television, and thus where they are going to place their couch, coffee table, etc. Often this one factor will dictate the flow of a room and may lead to you making lots of other little changes. Have you fully considered?

  4. Window Placement: Piggybacking off of #8, this is one of the considerations you might not have thought of. Did you choose window placement in order to make building elevations appealing, forgetting that you might have left occupants with no place to mount a television?

  5. Door Swings: A simple item to catch that can have large impacts. A door swinging into a large walk in closet might not make a difference. That same door swinging into a very small walk in could make half the closet inaccessible without having to close the door after walking in. Have you looked at all doors to ensure door swing has been considered?


Our review and feedback is never limited to suggesting easy but expensive changes that may appeal to buyers but would hurt a developer’s bottom line. When working with redT Homes, floorplans are reviewed by our Sales department, Marketing Department, and Development specialists. Each department provides comments and suggestions. Ultimately, the director of our Sales and Development team discuss cost impacts, compromises, and ultimately provide suggestions that are economical, practical, and can go a long way towards ensuring you receive top dollar for your units.