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The Right Place for a Tight Space


In today’s real estate environment, floorplans have become tighter and tighter as developers must increase the density of developments to offset rising land and construction costs. As units get smaller, design considerations become increasingly important. Hopefully, your architect is giving the thought and care these floorplans require, but the reality is that usability is never an architect’s primary concern and it falls to the owner to ensure a project under development has carefully thought out floorplans. As a real estate brokerage specializing in providing support to developers, redT Homes regularly reviews floorplans and provides suggestions to developers. Often our comments and feedback can result is sweeping changes that dramatically improve a unit’s livability, and thus appeal to buyers. The earlier our feedback and involvement is solicited, the easier it is to work with an architect to maximize a unit’s potential. In part one of this series, we will look at the first 5 questions impacting tight spaces to ask yourself while reviewing plans. Check back soon to read the rest of the article in Part II of the post!

  1. Storage: Have you maximized storage in every area? There are often creative solutions to consider such as under stair storage, small niches and nooks that are inexpensive, swapping door swings, etc.

  2. Pantries: Have you considered removing a pair of cabinets in favor of a Pantry? You’d be surprised at how easily a pantry can alleviate buyer concerns about kitchen storage.

  3. Kitchen Appliance Package: Does the appliance package you selected (or will select) fit in the space your architect has drawn? How does this impact storage?

  4. Walls vs. Half Walls vs. Railings: In tight spaces, opening up a wall to a half wall, raked wall, or even railing can make a dramatic difference. Have you considered opening your space as much as possible?

  5. Dining: Architects are notorious for dropping in a drawing of a small table into a space that will never actually be practical for dining. Have you looked at measurements, and made sure that there is actually space to truly justify a “dining room” or do you need to rework?


Our review and feedback is never limited to suggesting easy but expensive changes that may appeal to buyers but would hurt a developer’s bottom line. When working with redT Homes, floorplans are reviewed by our Sales department, Marketing Department, and Development specialists. Each department provides comments and suggestions. Ultimately, the director of our Sales and Development team discuss cost impacts, compromises, and ultimately provide suggestions that are economical, practical, and can go a long way towards ensuring you receive top dollar for your units.