The History Of Glendale, CO: Home Of Forest Park

Living in Glendale, CO, Home Of Forest Park

When you live in Glendale, you are getting the best of Cherry Creek living without the Cherry Creek price. You are central to everything in Cherry Creek without having that extra chunk on your mortgage. Surround yourself with the luxury and class that the area brings while also having your quick getaway from the busy Porsche-filled streets. 

You will have excellent shopping centers minutes away from your front door so you can accomplish day-to-day errands with ease. The Belcaro Shopping Center will become your new favorite place where you can do grocery shopping, get prescriptions filled, and dry cleaning completed all in one trip.

A Brief History Of Glendale, CO

Glendale has a rich history that makes it, unlike every other Denver suburb. In the late 19th century, it was first introduced as the Glendale Grange, a farmers’ association with land donated by J.M. and Agnes Riddle. The Glendale Grange introduced water rights into the Denver area because of how dominating the farming and dairy industry was. In 1974, J.M. and Agnes Riddle sold their land and their building to the city so further development could begin. Now, Glendale is a rising suburb that holds excellent amenities and rich history. 

Why Live In Glendale, CO?

A question we all ask when finding a new home is, “What neighborhood do I want to live in?” It is the first question that you should base your home purchase on because you want to love the neighborhood, not just your home. Glendale is a beautiful place to live because you can escape the city while being close to city amenities. Another perk is the incredible access that you get to outdoor parks and nearby trails. 

What To Do Near Glendale

Go Walking Or Biking On The Cherry Creek Trail And Bike Path

In Glendale, CO, you will find yourself living a very urban lifestyle with a quick escape to close outdoor recreation. Just 3-blocks from Leetsdale, you will be right on the Cherry Creek Trail. The Cherry Creek Trail and Bike Path is 12.7-miles long and stretches from downtown Denver to Cherry Creek State Park. Denver is full of busy people; that is why we promote Glendale, CO, as a nice neighborhood to live in, promoting healthy living for its residents. 

Explore The Four Mile Historic Park

A big part of Glendale’s history is The Four Mile Historic Park, which is home to Denver’s oldest structure! This year, the home that was a campground for Cherokee Native Americans while they were on the Cherokee Trail turned 170 years old and will always be acknowledged as a part of Glendale’s history. Get out and spend the day brushing up on your neighborhood’s more profound history and see some fantastic sights that many will never get to see in their life. 

Do Some Shopping At The Cherry Creek Shopping Center

The Cherry Creek Shopping Center is one of the most established high-end shopping centers in the United States. The shopping center houses a massive two-story mall with high-end retailers such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and Gucci. Outside of the mall, you will find streets lined with sushi bars and steakhouses. 

Enjoy A Variety Of Dining Options

A joy of living in a closer location to the city is the vast array of dining options that you are presented with weekend after weekend. Glendale offers it all— the best Mexican food in Denver, access to all upscale dining in Cherry Creek, Swedish Taverns, and a handful of vegan dining destinations. There is nothing anyone loves more than choices that will never run out!

About Our Forest Park Glendale Townhomes

In a neighborhood where townhomes are not typical, we plan our building to match the neighborhood’s current vibe. The unique blend of architecture in the community makes it easy for us to make our townhomes look like they are at home. Our townhomes have beautiful roof decks with great views of the annual fireworks display, the front range, and modern, upscale kitchens that open up into the bright and open living room. 

Glendale, CO Is A Trendy Neighborhood On The Rise

Neighboring Cherry Creek, this neighborhood has a growing population that has been growing steadily since the 50s. The lure of close outdoor activities while close to urban destinations has made Glendale, CO, the place to be for young professionals, families, and long-time residents. The newly built shopping centers surrounding the neighborhood have increased the community’s walk and bike scores, making it even more desirable to live here.  

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