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The Benefits of Buyer Updates


Buyer Updates are a unique tool that can be employed to allow home buyers to stay up to date with the construction progress of their unit. Due to the fact that building timelines span the course of several months, it is important that every party involved is aware of the progress made in order to ensure buyer expectations are aligned with real-time construction progress.

At redT we have many people who go out on a regular basis to properties to get continuous updates on the progress of the home. To reference the main stages of the home check out redT’s Guide to Purchasing New Construction; it is a great way to get the short rundown of the steps in building new construction which can be helpful to one understanding the buyer updates they receive. 

Email Updates

Buyer Updates usually go out on a bi-monthly basis via email to each buyer for a particular project and include detailed descriptions of the progress made as well as pictures to visually highlight the change. Through this means of communication, clients are able to not only watch the progression of their unit and note any changes in scheduling, but also direct questions to the Sales Team regarding each specific phase of construction. This transparency allows for greater communication, accuracy, and overall happier, more engaged clients. 


Communication and transparency is what we value at redT, we set a real standard for what buyers should expect in the new construction progress. Getting updates of your new home every 2 weeks can allow the buyer to plan further in advance and get updates on their home if they are not in the area to see or walk through it. 

Our Brokers are available almost 24/7. They carry tremendous knowledge on the new construction process and are here to help guide you every step of the way. At redT, our brokers are paid on salary, so they aren't concerned about finding the best commission for themselves, they can focus on finding the best fit for the buyer. So you can take us at our word that we will be there (almost) 24/7. 

New Information

We get that people have busy lives and with the Buyer Updates, it allows redT to communicate with a handful of buyers quickly and effectively. People may not always have the time to occasionally check out the property or reach out and ask questions. Many times, the questions or concerns that buyers have may frequently be addressed in these updates that get delivered bi-monthly. 

New information is gathered in the walks done by redT employees to accurately get updated information about a project. As soon as we know something, you will too.


Most people get excited and always want to check out the progress of their home when they can, but during construction that is not always safe or allowed by developers. Our developers at redT all value safety and would never want anyone to get injured on a site. 

This tool has proven to be a successful technique in limiting the liability of buyers onsite because they are less likely to investigate on their own when accurate, timely information is provided to answer their questions. 

They are also beneficial to the developer in that buyer frustration and confusion is mitigated thus providing a smoother process and a happy, informed buyer at the closing table.

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