Spice Up Your Flex Room With These Fun Ideas

Many homes these days come with a flex room— it isn’t quite big enough to act as a bedroom, or it doesn’t meet the city’s qualifications, but it can serve as another room that can provide ease and enjoyment to your life. There are endless possibilities that you can pursue with having a flex room in your home, but you first need to start by laying out the space to see what it could accommodate. Does it act as a loft? Can it pass as a bedroom? Is it in the basement? These are some simple questions that you can ask yourself before you start brainstorming on how you could transform your flex space!

In the time we are in, home offices are becoming more popular day by day and so is home teaching with families who have children. There has also been a substantial increase in people’s home activity in place of many gyms being closed down and more time spent by the average person at home in general. This excess amount of time that people are spending at home is a perfect reason to find a home with a flex room— you will be met with more freedom to do things within the walls of your home if you have a flex room in your home. Here are some ideas on how you can transform your awkward flex room into a place you love and use every day!

Home Office

People are in the upwards trend of working from home on a more routine basis than ever before. Home offices are, in other words, are a total score!! If you have ever thought of making the switch of working from home, a flex room designed as a home office is the perfect solution. Whether your flex room is the size of a large bedroom or just the right size for a bookshelf and desk, shifting your flex room to a home office will be an easy task that you are thankful you took the time to complete. Flex rooms typically provide a decent amount of privacy from other parts of the home, making you even more incentivized to create a home office.


Kid Playroom or Kid Teaching Room

For those who have children, this is applicable for you and your family; if you do not have kids, just think of the other ways to use your flex room! Kids love to play, and kids love to learn, if you have a flex room in your house, consider converting your flex room into a space for the kids. It is crucial to have your own separate space regardless of your role in the family— with a kid playroom or teaching room; you can provide your kids with an area designated for them, encouraging them to take pride in their learning. You could add furniture such as small tables, art easels, or bean bag chairs to add a sense of comfort and a pop of color into the room!

Home Gym or Yoga Studio

There is never a wrong time to get fit, mentally or physically! Having the option to have a home gym or studio in your home can make all the difference in your life, especially when it is not guaranteed that you will have the option to be active outside the walls of your home. Make the best of your fitness room with what you already have— bring your treadmill up from the basement, throw in a fan to cool you off, and finish it off with some free weights or a yoga mat, and you will have your free subscription to a gym in your home!


The best thing about buying a home where you can have a flex room is that it can be anything you want it to be, literally anything! If you have the means and the time to transform your flex room into a private home office, a getaway room for the kids, or a private home gym without a membership fee, do it!! You will always have the opportunity to change your mind and switch it up. Flex rooms allow you to make it what you want, whenever you want.