Save Time, Money, and Trees: Eco-Friendly Moving

Moving is a hassle, whether it is next door, across town, or across the country. There is a large environmental impact that comes with moving as well, whether it be one use boxes or the endless piles of paper used to wrap your valuables. No matter the case, every act to decrease your impact matters and one way you can start is by making the switch to Reusable Moving Boxes!

Using reusable moving boxes will not only make your move run smoother overall but you will find that it is more cost-efficient, easier to pack your items, and less damaging to the goods that you are moving. With traditional moving boxes, you go through the struggle of assembling them and you go through the risk of damaging the box if it is dropped or not gently put down. You also add on the cost of movers who could assemble the boxes for you and move them for you.

Denver’s Moving Boxes’ Box

Time to cut your moving cost and time to cut the environmental impact of your move. We present to you the solution of reusable boxes. The classic reusable box that you will find from your local moving company or reusable box chain is made of recycled plastic and is shaped like your traditional plastic storage box with folding lids on top. Companies claim that they can be used up to 400 times before their lifecycle is up! The boxes come in a standard size of 27” wide, handle to handle, 14” wide and 12” deep as well as wardrobe boxes that are 48” tall with a 24” hanging bar.

These boxes contribute a lot to economic and environmental savings. Eco-friendly box companies claim to have a 50% economic saving on boxes for their customers. One local moving company, Denver’s Moving Boxes’ has calculated what one year’s worth of customers can save environmentally: 816 trees, 3792 gallons of oil, 336,000 gallons of water, 2 million kilowatts of energy, 2880 gallons of air pollution, and 144 cubic yards of landfill waste! The boxes are also waterproof and stackable, making it easy to pack up a truck or leave the boxes outside in the sun or rain.

There are tons of benefits to reusable boxes and we hope that you consider the service in your next move! Here are companies in Denver that provide reusable box services:

Denver’s Moving Boxes’
Denver’s Moving Boxes’ offers drop off and pick up services throughout the entire Denver Metro Area and Boulder. Perfect for anyone relocating closer to the city!

U-Haul has locations all across the United States from California to New York. If you are looking to move across the country with reusable boxes, we recommend you go with U-Haul because of their established name throughout the country. No matter where you are moving to, you are likely to have a U-Haul store close to you!

Rocky Mountain Box Company
The Rocky Mountain Box Company serves all of Denver, Boulder, and Northern Colorado. They pride themselves on their speedy delivery and their services costing less than cardboard.


Whether you are moving across town or across the state, there are a handful of options to help you move with less environmental impact! Durability, convenience, quality, and a smaller environmental impact is what you get with reusable boxes.


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