redT Homes Staged By Perch Staging


Staging sells homes. It makes it so much easier to envision where you put your dining room table or where the best place to center your bed will be. Staging creates a sense of homeyness that is often overlooked when selling or buying new construction homes.

When buying new construction, it is difficult to envision yourself and your items in the space you see. That is why home staging brings a whole new feel the minute that you step in the door! Staging makes it clear whether or not you can see yourself in this home, usually, it makes it clear that you DO see yourself in this home!

As a brokerage who primarily sells new construction homes, townhomes, and condos, we love to spice up our listings and projects with home staging. We absolutely love the staging that is done by Perch Staging! Their homes are designed to sell while also maintaining a captivating and trendy feel that goes perfectly with each project that we sell.

Perch Staging has staged many of our properties including the Flats at VillaRosso, Kalamath 16, the 44th + Tennyson Townhomes, and our sold out property Berkeley Flats. We are always in awe with the attention to detail and respectability that the Perch Staging team brings to the table. Below are some shots of our properties before and after the staging. It goes to show what a quality staging can do for your listings.


Perch Staging Contact:
Shay Micek
[email protected]
Instagram: @PerchStaging

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