redT Downsizing Tips


There will come a time where you need to downsize your home. Whether your kids have left home and you no longer need your 4 bedroom home, or the maintenance of a yard has become draining, or it is simply time for a change.

Whatever the reason, you’re looking to “live large” in a smaller place.

Here are some redT tips for when the time comes to downsize your home!

Choose Your Neighborhood

Living in the city means an endless list of want to’s. From wanting to try a new restaurant, picking up a new hobby, or discovering the walkability homes in the city neighborhoods provide.

When you downsize from the suburbs to the city, you may get overwhelmed by all the easily accessible activities and places to go. The majority of the time you can enjoy all there is to offer a short distance from your home, if you choose the right location! Whether it is a short 3-minute drive or a 7-minute walk, there are endless opportunities at your disposal when you choose to downsize to an urban location.

Walkability is what makes the downsizing lifestyle uniquely fun.

Buy New Construction

When the time has come to downsize, there are many things that you’re considering— most of those considerations are likely on the physical size of the home and the responsibilities that come with a home.

Just as if you were purchasing your first home all over again there are endless “other things” to think about that can make living less stressful. With new construction, there are benefits to homeowners that are frequently overlooked.

One of the biggest struggles when buying a traditional home, downsizing or not, is that there are typically issues that need to be addressed to make the home livable. Such as fixing the plumbing, electric, or other home renovations.

If you buy a new construction home, these builder issues are covered in a Builder Warranty on average for about a year. The warranty will cover any issues that may be directly related to the builders and developers work such as the workmanship of the home, electric, or plumbing.

Have a Lock Up & Leave Lifestyle

The time has come where you might no longer be bound to a place you call home. In that case, finding a downsized home where you have the opportunity to get up and go may be an excellent option.

Whether you want to pack up and go to Boulder for the day or go on a road trip across the US, having these factors in mind are significant when choosing another home where you will be nested for a while.

Some advantages of downsizing that may provide you with this lock up and leave lifestyle is going for a low maintenance home such as those in condominiums or small townhomes. When you are living in a community, you have neighbors who you are much closer to who can help care and watch over your home while you may be away.

Whatever path you are headed, know you have a starting place with redT.