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Staging at OB Flats


Staging a home can make it so much more pleasing to look and envision yourself living in the space rather than the alternative of an empty white room. Staging makes the area appear more homey and livable when you’re probing your options.

Just like window shopping, you are more likely to go in and snoop around if there is something that catches your eye. That is why redT took a new go at staging our beautiful units at Observatory Flats!

With staged units, there are handfuls of people who understand the trends and know how to decorate professionally staging a unit is just one way to really engage with the buyers when they are looking for a home.

These companies also have a wide range of knowledge for what the public wants and how they want it. Whether you are a professional stager or not you at least have that buying local is on everyone's radar. From fresh vegetables at Farmer’s Markets to locally made bath goods, the trend in Denver is to buy and support local businesses.

GuestHouse Staging is a Denver based staging company that delivers the expectation of loving what you are seeing in a home. They provide a true home shop feeling because it is so much easier to see how that couch looks in a living room rather than in the showroom with ten other couches.

Their unique platform allows both parties to benefit from the staging, it allows the staged homes or units to appeal more to the shoppers to get a better feel of what their home could be and supports the local artisans who built the furniture. 

At GuestHouse, the emphasis of helping people furnish their homes with products made in their community is crucial to their delivery. With goods made across Colorado, sourced locally in Denver they are able to tie in the interests of the buyers as well as the interests in interior design demand to deliver nothing but the best in their staged units. 

What is so unique about this company is that they sell each of the individual items in staged units, so if you really NEED that couch you can REALLY get that couch. If you LOVE how the kitchen table looks in the space you can HAVE the kitchen table that looks perfect in the space. 

With Observatory Flats new staging everything you see in the unit you can buy in the unit. So if you are moving with nothing, buy your new condo completely furnished with nothing but the best of picks from local artists.

Have your home lifestyle match the lifestyle you live out of your home! Living in a desirable and vibrant area for yourself is one of the best things you can do, it is time to throw away any old free Craigslist stuff you may have gotten in college to the curb. 

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