History of the Denver Tech Center: Featuring the Flats at VillaRosso

The Denver Tech Center is home to nearly 1000 companies, specializing in operations from communications, media, sales, engineering, and financial services. Some of the world’s largest businesses have offices here such as Oracle Corp., Comcast, and Newmont Mining Corporation. The Denver Tech Center was established in 1962 and designed by architect Carl A. Worthington in hopes to create a center where people could live and work effectively.

The DTC is located between the crossing of I-25 and I-225 to make transportation effective for those who choose to commute to work. For those who do not commute to work there has been a spike in residential development within the tech center. The Tech Center is now made up of buildings of offices, hotels, condominiums, high-end single family homes, residential apartments, and exclusive retail centers. Inside you will find a handful of unique restaurants ranging from brunch to happy hour to fine dining. The Denver Tech Center acts as a one use business center for everyone’s needs.


The Denver Tech Center has evolved into an environment for individuals and their businesses to come to a location that they have better access to from their suburban residences. With a highly developed center for not only large businesses and corporations but a hub for young professionals and empty nesters who have access to dozens of quality residences and retail centers. This has led the Tech Center to be the most employed work center of 35,000 in the Southeast Corridor. When there are 35,000 individuals commuting to work on a daily basis, it is important to have an effective means of transportation. The intersection of the two interstates makes transportation for those in the suburbs significantly quicker than a commute to downtown Denver.  The RTD LightRail also has 2 major stops minutes from the Tech Center; Belleview Station and Orchard Station. There is also an RTD Bus that has over 10 stops throughout the center.

The Center was carefully designed to ensure that there would be plenty of parking and outdoor space. Parking has all been designed to be underground to make the best of the space that they have available from the 14 million acres that have been developed. The design of having underground parking results in great internal driving mobility within the Tech Center- with wide roads and clear navigation.

There is a lot of charm and character that comes with the Denver Tech Center lifestyle. If the Denver Tech Center is where you are meant to be then there is a home where you are meant to be. The Flats at VillaRosso is a condo community that is right next to the Shops and Restaurants at Belleview Station! These are 1 and 2 bedroom condos that will provide you access to live the lifestyle that you have always wanted. Featuring balconies on every unit, bright and open floorplans, and high quality finishes. If you think The Flats at VillaRosso are right for you, please reach out to our sales team at 720-402-4385 to get any questions answered or to schedule a showing.

Upgrade to DTC Living

If you want to consider a new way of living in the Denver Tech Center, consider your start at The Flats at VillaRosso. This condo community is made up of 1 and 2 bedroom residences with high-end finishes and expansive outdoor spaces that boast a bright, open living concept.


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