Downsizing in Denver: Tips for a Smooth Transition

Many people get to the point where they want to downsize. Often, this happens when kids grow up and leave the nest. Homeowners soon realize that they don’t need such a large space…and less becomes more!

If you’re at this stage in your life, how do you downsize easily and efficiently? It all starts with the following:

Do away with what you don’t need.

It can be hard for some people to throw out old belongings – your letter jacket from 1978? Sure, there’s always a small chance that you’ll wear it again (or pass it down to the next generation?), but you have to remember that you’re moving to a smaller space, so decluttering is a necessity. If you fail to declutter properly, your new home won’t feel fresh and breezy, it’ll feel cramped and confining.

Ask for assistance.

Of course, going through your belongings is difficult: how do you choose between memories? This is where an objective opinion can help – ask your kids to come over and help you determine what you do and do not need. If you want to keep something for its sentimental value, consider keeping it in storage, or gift it to one of your children. That will keep it in the family.

Plan well in advance.

Moving from a four-bedroom house to a two-bedroom apartment or condo isn’t something most people can do on the spur of the moment. It takes garage sales, donations to Goodwill, or the rental of a storage unit to swap out a large space for something much smaller. Plan ahead to avoid a headache!

Determine what you’re looking for.

Everyone downsizes for a reason – determine your reason! Do you need a place without stairs? Do you want a home that doesn’t involve any yard work? Do you want to live in a community where your days of shoveling snow are in the past? Consider all of this before you sign on any dotted lines.

Looking to downsize? We’ve got condo and townhome properties that fit every lifestyle.

Invest in multipurpose furniture.

Someday, we might be able to purchase furniture that is truly dual – an ottoman that also does the dishes! Until then, multi-purpose furniture comes in the form of couches with cubbies and beds with drawers underneath. Multipurpose furniture is an attempt to keep as many of the functions of your original home, in the decrease space of your new one.

Expect a transitional period.

Going from a big house to a small place is a bit of an adjustment. This isn’t always bad – you’ll be able to clean your home in half the time you did before. Still, if you live with a spouse or a roommate, a smaller home may make it easier to get on each other’s nerves. Expect this – you’ll be pleasantly surprised if it doesn’t happen.

Downsizing is a natural step in the home-owning process, but knowing what it entails can help you downsize with ease. It might come with some initial stresses, but there’s plenty of benefits, too.

Downsize and Upgrade.

If you’d like to downsize in style, consider making your home at the Flats at VillaRosso. Our community features comfort and elegance in spacious one or two bedroom units. Come experience less hassle and more elegance. To learn more please, reach out to our sales team.


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