redT Homes Honored as Best Individual Electric Only Builder Overall in 2023 Xcel ESNH Program

redT Homes, a pioneering residential real estate development firm in Denver, is thrilled to announce its prestigious win of the 2023 Xcel Energy Sustainable New Housing (ESNH) Program Award for Best Individual Electric Only Builder Overall. This accolade underscores redT Homes’ unwavering dedication to sustainable living and eco-conscious construction practices.

The Xcel Energy Sustainable New Housing Program celebrates builders who excel in constructing energy-efficient homes that meet the highest standards of sustainability. redT Homes proudly meets the Xcel Energy evaluation criteria, ensuring that their homes are built with:

– Tight construction that eliminates drafts.

– Tight ducts that maintain proper air circulation without unexpected detours.

– High-performance windows that block more heat and UV light than regular windows.

– Properly installed insulation to guarantee comfort and quietness.

– Energy-efficient HVAC systems that are appropriately sized to minimize energy waste.

– Energy-efficient water heating systems to ensure an uninterrupted supply of hot water while conserving energy.

– Energy-efficient lighting systems that illuminate homes without generating excess heat.

– Independent inspection and testing confirming homes are at least 10 percent more efficient than the minimum energy standards for the state of Colorado.

“Winning the Best Individual Electric Only Builder Overall award from Xcel Energy is a tremendous honor for redT Homes,” said Vincent Deorio, CEO of redT Homes.

“We are deeply committed to building homes that not only meet but exceed the highest standards of energy efficiency and sustainability. This recognition validates our efforts in creating healthier, more environmentally friendly living spaces for our community.”

redT Homes’ dedication to sustainability goes beyond meeting the Xcel Energy evaluation criteria. They focus on constructing healthy homes from the ground up by ensuring they are also Zero Energy Ready, LEED Certified, Energy Star Certified, and EPA Indoor airPLUS Qualified. Furthermore, redT Homes delivers all-electric, solar-powered homes in Colorado, adhering to rigorous standards to minimize environmental impact and promote sustainable living.

“We believe that sustainable living should be accessible to all,” added Deorio. “By incorporating cutting-edge technology and sustainable building practices into every project, we are proud to contribute to Building A Greener Colorado and beyond.”

The recognition from the 2023 Xcel Energy Sustainable New Housing Program reaffirms redT Homes’ position as a leader in the sustainable living space. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, redT Homes continues to set the standard for eco-friendly construction in Denver and beyond.

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About redT Homes

redT Homes is a residential real estate development firm based in Denver, Colorado. Committed to Building A Greener Colorado™, redT Homes offers a comprehensive suite of services, including land acquisition, entitlement, design, architecture, construction, and real estate-focused marketing and brokerage. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, redT Homes strives to create sustainably built, attainably priced homes across the metro area and beyond.

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