Best Dog Parks in Denver

Walking around any neighborhood in Denver, you will notice that there are dogs around every corner. Denver people are dog people, that is a fact! Outside of the Mile High City, there are endless hikes, lakes, and easy-going trails that almost anyone and their dog can explore from the brisk spring months to the beginning of the chilly winter months. However, your typical resident in Denver lives a quick paced life and cannot always escape out of the city to get one on one time with their pup— the solution of city dog parks has now been brought to the table.

You can bet on finding a dog park within a 10-mile radius of your home *almost* anywhere in Denver! We have gathered a list of the best, most upscale dog parks in the entire Denver Metro Area so no matter where you live, you can have that perfect spot in mind to let your dog burn off all that energy that is likely driving you crazy. Let’s dive into the best dog parks in Denver and see what they have to offer you and your pup!

FAVRDog Park.jpeg

4825 S Newport St, Denver, CO 80237
This is one of Denver’s newest dog parks and is right in the heart of the Shops & Restaurants at Belleview Station. This upscale dog park is perfect for dogs of any size and any energy level! Whether you reside near Belleview Station or you are just going for the dog park, enjoy the easy access to parking, water fountains, and nearby trails.

Berkeley Dog Park

CO-95, Denver, CO 80212
Berkeley Dog Park is located in Berkeley Lake Park on the west end of the park. There are separate sections to divide large dogs and small dogs as well as four massive water tanks so no pup goes thirsty. Enjoy the 1.1-mile loop that surrounds the park, a perfect cool-down lap after your pup has been running their heart out trying to chase what…? A ball, a person, a dog? Who knows. Get out and enjoy the park and when you’re done take a short stroll over to Tennyson Street and find a local bar that is more than happy to let you and your friend hang on the patio!

Chatfield State Dog Park, Littleton

Chatfield Dog Park, Littleton, CO 80125
This is one of many dog parks in the Denver Metro Area where your pup can go for a swim in one of the two ponds on the 69-acre dog park! Enjoy a paved trail and a dirt trail that allows all dogs to be off-leash and explore the area around them. Not to steer anyone the wrong way, but this park does cost $3 a day or $25 a year to have access to the dog park, considering that it is located within a State Park. I bet if you asked your dog, they would say it is worth it!

Barnum Dog Park

Barnum Dog Park, Denver, CO 80204
This newest dog park in Denver is Barnum Dog Park— it opened in late 2017 and is located off 6th Avenue and Federal Blvd. If you are living in Sloan’s Lake or West Colfax, this is the largest off-leash dog park within 3-miles of your home! This park is three-quarters of an acre and has two separate areas for dogs depending on their energy levels, in hopes to keep hyper dogs and sniffers only separate from one another. Enjoy great Denver skyline views and enjoy the community you will quickly get to know!

Railyard Dog Park

2005 19th St, Denver, CO 80202
Calling all city dogs!! This is your park. Located in LoDo, this decently sized dog park serves all the dogs of Lower Downtown and The Highlands. Humans can enjoy the shade while the pups go out and play in the sandy dirt, whether you own a big dog or a small dog, there is a place for your pup to go have a blast and tire out.


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