Benefits of Buying a Townhome

Townhomes are an excellent option for those looking to live a lifestyle that meets the middle ground of a single-family home and a condo. If you drive around various Denver neighborhoods you have probably started to notice the trend of townhomes that are being built all over central locations around Denver. Townhomes are built in desirable neighborhoods due to the demand of wanting to live in a growing, thriving, and trendy area. Typically, neighborhoods that boast townhome living have multiple parks, restaurants, and shopping destinations well established within the neighborhood.

To start off let’s go over what exactly a townhouse is and why they differ from other types of homes on the market. The simple characteristics of a townhome is that it is multiple stories and shares at least 1-wall, 2-walls if you are not living in an end unit. Townhome communities also tend to have their own form of communal management such as Partywall Agreements or management under a property management company.

The benefits that come with townhome living starts off with ownership. There are so many great reasons to own a home, regardless of if it is a condo, single-family home, or a townhome— that reason is ownership. It is never to early to start investing in your future. Let’s explore the other benefits of owning and living in a townhome, in hopes they will teeter your decision!

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  1. Low Maintenance

    Townhomes require extremely less maintenance than a single-family home, which means less effort and stress. It is common for an outside management company such as Partywall Management or Property Management companies to cover landscaping maintenance, winter snow removal, and to maintain any other shared areas between townhome owners. While you are still responsible for contributing your share to manage the property, the maintenance is lower because there is physically less property to maintain.


  2. Cost

    Townhomes that are built throughout Denver have been built and designed to give buyers everything that a single-family home can give them, with a large number slashed off the price. Single-family homes and townhomes reside in the same neighborhood sharing the same amenities like schools, parks, and shopping/dining while paying less for the home itself, less in utility bills, and less on regular home maintenance.

  3. Higher Security

    Most townhomes in Denver are new construction or have been remodeled to be up to date with the most updated technology. Developers have made it a standard to wire the home for SMART Home features such a Ring Doorbell for elevated security. The wiring for SMART Home features makes it easier for townhome owners to check in on their home from any angle at any location in the world.

    There is a higher sense of security because your home is not standing alone, you will typically have at least 5 other neighbors who are consciously aware and on the lookout for anything that seems out of place. Just as people are safer by the numbers, so is your home!

  4. Location

    Location always finds a way to work itself into the conversation… Townhomes are usually built closer to the city and rarely in suburban neighborhoods. A townhome is a perfect compromise to get single-family living closer into the city. This means that as a townhome owner you can live closer to where you work and have more variety in dining and entertainment options. Living in a central location can also cut transportation costs or a vehicle expense due to an excellent distance to public transportation options or biking paths to the city.

  5. Community

    When you live in a connected community it becomes a whole lot easier to get to know your neighbors— you live closer to one another so you tend to get to know each other better. When you have that close-knit community you have more people to help be on the lookout for anything unusual or out of the ordinary.

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We hope that these benefits can help you narrow down your home search! redT has multiple townhome properties in popular neighborhoods such as LoHi, West Colfax, Sloan’s Lake, and Berkeley. Please visit our New Home Listings page to view all available townhome properties!

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