Arboretum: What separates us from the rest.

There are many unique features that make Arboretum stand out from other apartment communities in University Park. The all-around feel of this project was to build off the traditional beauty of the University Park neighborhood when it came building to new construction in the area. There is no other apartment community in University Park that will embrace the surrounding beauty and incorporate it inside and out to a project.

The exterior of the project resembles a clean and modern feel while fitting in and paying homage to the history of University Park through architectural and landscaping choices. Arboretum wanted to feel at home in this well-established neighborhood. The landscaping of the project promotes a diverse landscape of trees and plants to build upon the existing canopy in the neighborhood, and that holds similarities to the Chester M. Alter Arboretum that is located less than a block away on DU’s campus.

Stepping into Arboretum, you will see interior design elements that embody an airy and natural feeling to bring the sense of an outside forest, inside. No matter where you are in Arboretum, you will always have the natural and outdoor feeling that brings you closer to the tranquility of the forest.

The features and amenities that Arboretum will provide for you are meant for you to feel comfortable no matter where you are:

  1. Community Rooftop Deck

    Find upscale, modern furniture surrounding a gas fire pit and featuring a built-in grill. Get cozy, comfy, and sit classy on your community roof deck with your neighbors, friends, or traveling visitors.

  2. First Floor Lounge

    Every great community needs a comfortable place where you can go to get a break. Off the lobby, there will be a lounge for all Arboretum residents, whether you need to take a call or surf the web, do it in your building in comfortable lounge furniture in a windowed seating area.

  3. Dog Run

    On the North side of the building, there will be a shaded fenced in dog run that will be 70 feet long! We will throw in a sneak peek of what you(r) furry friend can look forward to.

image (2) (1).png

Check back in for updates and pictures on the progress of the amazing amenities that are featured at Arboretum. We cannot wait for you to see the final product.