Bathrooms are often neglected when it comes to interior design in general, yet there’s more that you can do with your bathrooms than you might realize. Before planning your bathroom’s interior design, think about what type of atmosphere you’re trying to create. A bathroom should provide you with comfort and privacy and be a relaxing space to use. After all, there are moments when all you want to do after a long day’s work is to take a long, hot bath. If your bathroom doesn’t feel like a relaxing space, it won’t be as enjoyable to use. We recommend implementing a minimalist bathroom design. 

Why Use Minimalist Bathroom Decor For Your Bathroom Design?

The primary goal of minimalism is to create a tranquil space using a variety of design principles. These include an emphasis on clear surfaces, a lack of clutter, an embrace of negative space, and a balance of form and function. All of these elements translate incredibly well to the bathroom. A cluttered bathroom will detract from the tranquil atmosphere you’re trying to create. Here are ten minimalist bathroom ideas to inspire your minimalist bathroom design.

1. Use Neutral Colors

Loud colors or patterns can make your bathroom feel less than tranquil. You don’t want to create an excitable atmosphere that you’re trying to relax in, after all  — not to mention that most bathroom spaces are on the smaller side, especially guest bathrooms. Painting the walls using bolder colors could make the bathroom feel even more cramped than it already is. Instead, use neutral colors. A neutral color palette creates an inoffensive atmosphere conducive to relaxation, allowing the aesthetic focus to fall on the bathroom’s features and lighting. With that in mind, here are a few additional color tips to consider when planning your bathroom design:

Consider A White Bathroom

It’s not uncommon for a bathroom to be all-white, from the floors to the walls to the ceiling. It works particularly well since most bathroom fixtures, such as sinks, bathtubs, and toilets, are white, to begin with. However, it’s instrumental in a minimalist design for several other reasons:

  • The lack of color prevents the bathroom design from being overwhelming and distracting.
  • White walls, ceilings, and floors help make the bathroom feel bigger than it is (perfect for smaller bathrooms).
  • A white space looks brighter when lit, making the bathroom feel more functional.
  • A white bathroom looks and feels cleaner, which better lends itself to the calming atmosphere you want.

Match Floor To The Wall For Seamless Aesthetic

Consider using tiles on the floor that match the tiles on the walls. This creates a more seamless aesthetic, leading to a more cohesive bathroom design. If you use different colored tiles for the floor than you use for the wall (or other types of tiles), the visual separation between the two can throw the bathroom design out of balance.

2. Add A Small Rug

The bathroom is a space that tends to be filled with hard surfaces, from the porcelain of the bathtub, sink, and toilet to the tiles typically used on the walls and floors. Being surrounded by hard materials is far from comfort-inducing, which is why you should consider adding an element of texture. Just because you’re planning a minimalist design doesn’t mean you can’t add warmth either. Adding a touch of texture is generally recommended in using a minimalist style throughout the home to help add balance to the overall design. A small bathroom rug is also an appropriate way to add a touch of color.

3. Remove Cabinet And Drawer Hardware

The knobs and handles on your cabinets and drawers add visual clutter, despite how small they appear to be. Removing them will allow you to embrace further the clean, sharp lines that minimalism is known for as well as streamlining your bathroom’s overall design. The removal of cabinet and drawer hardware will have an even more significant impact if you’re working with smaller bathroom spaces.

4. Add Storage To Reduce Clutter

A cluttered space is not very minimalist, nor is it very relaxing to be in. Considering all of the toiletries and personal items used in the bathroom daily, having the proper storage space available to keep everything organized is necessary. Clean surfaces and decluttered spaces are integral to the principles of minimalism. A lack of storage solutions often results in clutter piling up around the sink and even on top of the toilet tank. A few storage solutions that will help declutter your bathroom space and keep it both clean and organized include:

Medicine Cabinet

The medicine cabinet is the perfect storage solution for a minimalist design. Why? Because it serves multiple functions. It provides hidden storage for personal items (such as medications). It can be used as your primary mirror. It lends itself well to a minimalist aesthetic (straight, clean lines with little in the way of ornate decoration). Not to mention that the mirror, besides being essential to self-care, also helps smaller bathrooms feel bigger by increasing the perception of space and reflecting light.

Under-sink Storage

If you need extra storage space, then choosing a sink built into a cabinet is a good option. The cabinet can provide plenty of storage space for all of your toiletries and cleaning supplies, which you won’t want to keep out in the open.

Floating Shelves

If you don’t have a cabinet sink (and you don’t want one), another option is to install floating shelves. Floating shelves are an excellent choice for bathrooms with limited space since they do not take up any floor space. There’s no reason why you can’t have both floating shelves and under-sink storage if it’s needed.


Honestly, you can never go wrong with more hooks in the bathroom. Hooks allow you to hang up your towels, whether used or not, as well as to hang up your clothes so that they don’t end up in piles all over your floor. The best place for hooks? On the back of the bathroom door, of course!

5. Add Lighting That Compliments the Bathroom Design

Small spaces require more lighting to make them feel less cramped. If a small room has poor lighting, the darkness will make the area feel smaller. Because many bathrooms either have minimal natural light or no natural light, they will rely heavily on artificial lighting. The overhead fixture will not provide nearly enough light. On top of brightening up the space, task lighting is a must to ensure that the bathroom is functional. It’s why, at the very least, there should be a light fixture installed over the sink. By lighting up the sink, you ensure that whoever uses the sink (or the mirror above the sink) isn’t standing in their own shadow. Consider either placing a fixture directly above the mirror or flanking the mirror with lighting fixtures on either side.

6. Install A Floating Sink

One of the drawbacks of a cabinet with a built-in sink is that it tends to be somewhat bulky, especially in smaller bathroom spaces. If you have other storage options and under cabinet storage is unnecessary for your bathroom, consider a floating sink instead. A floating sink will help clear up floor space, making the bathroom feel much more spacious. Floating sinks also contribute to a more modern aesthetic, perfect for a minimalist design.

7. Replace Bathtub With A Curbless Shower

If your bathroom has a bathtub in it, then it’s automatically your focal point. Bathtubs tend to be big and bulky, even an eyesore. Yes, they are an essential function, but if you’re not taking baths regularly, think about removing the tub and installing a curbless shower instead. A smaller bathroom space will open up significantly once you remove a bathtub. By installing a curbless shower, you also create a more seamless design, contributing to a modern and minimalist look. Curbless showers are also widespread in universal designs due to how accessible they are to people of all ages and physical capabilities. 

8. Use Glass Doors

Use glass shower doors for your shower or bathtub. Glass doors prevent the bathroom from being visually obstructed, which will make the bathroom feel smaller (such as if you use traditional shower curtains). Using glass doors will not only add clean lines to the design; they will also let light flow through the bathroom unobstructed.

9. Add One Or Two Bathroom Decor Pieces

People sometimes misunderstand minimalism as close to “nothing” as possible. A minimalist bathroom doesn’t require you to remove all hints of personality. You should still add one or two decorative items. Doing so will help add some contrast to the bathroom, which can become sterile and bland if you’re not too careful. Decor pieces can help add a touch of color as an accent to your bathroom design as well. Here are two easy ways to introduce bathroom decor pieces to your minimalist design:

Wall Decor

Negative space is an essential element in minimalism because it helps create balance (and keeps smaller spaces from feeling too small). Instead of filling up the walls with art and photographs, hang just an item or two on your bathroom walls. This will add some visual interest and keep the bathroom from feeling too sterile (or feeling like a hotel bathroom). 

Natural Element

Adding a plant that thrives in humid conditions will help contribute to the relaxing atmosphere that you want. Plants are also a great way to add a pop of color to contrast what is likely to be a mostly white or neutral-colored bathroom.

10. Use Containers As Decor

Decorative items that serve a function are a great way to spruce up your minimalist bathroom design without making it feel cluttered. The following are just a few examples of bathroom decor that can serve an important function as well:

Glass Jars

Glass jars are a great decor item because they don’t take up a lot of visual space (since you can see through them) but still offer just a touch of modern sophistication. Use glass jars to organize personal items, such as q-tips, and position them on your floating shelves or on your counter if you have space. Glass jars not only look great, they help with the decluttering aspect of minimalism.

Wicker Baskets

Like glass jars, wicker baskets help to keep items organized on your shelves so that they don’t get too cluttered. You can use them to hold all kinds of things, including clean towels, hand towels, or washcloths. What’s great about wicker baskets is that they help you introduce a natural element to the bathroom design, which will contribute to the overall feeling of tranquility you’re trying to create. The texture of wicker baskets will also act as a contrast to all the porcelain and tile being used in the bathroom.

Create A Tranquil Bathroom Space Using These Minimalist Bathroom Ideas

The ideal bathroom is a relaxing, private, and comfortable space. It’s a bathroom that’s clean and easy to keep clean, as well as that’s easy on the eyes. By using these minimalist bathroom ideas, you will create a bathroom that’s easy to use as intended, and you will ensure that the stress of a long day, whether ahead of you or behind you, doesn’t come into the bathroom with you.