Successfully selling from of Architectural Plans requires a sales approach that helps buyers have the vision of what your final product will look like. In today’s world of HGTV, you’ve probably seen television shows where television personalities show buyers digital 3D renderings of a post-remodel home that help them choose between houses that may otherwise be unappealing. This sales tool enables buyers to make confident decisions about such a large purchase and is something a modern buyer has come to expect. Agents tasked with selling townhome and condominium developments should absolutely have this capability in-house. Not only does an in-house marketing team with 3D rendering capabilities enable sales success, it also helps identify plan issues that can be corrected early on in the construction process, saving you time and money later. Finally, suppliers and general contractors love to work off 3D elevations, and having these images showing actual tile can prevent installation errors that can kill a construction schedule.

Below are examples of interior renderings from recent redT Homes projects that were successfully pre-sold. For every project redT Homes lists, we create 3D renderings of the entire home. We render every unit, in every finish option, usually resulting in over 120 renderings. As a developer, demanding this level of service and capability out of your chosen brokerage should be a no-brainer.