Regular tours throughout all phases of construction are an important and common aspect of selling new construction homes. While it is exciting for the buyer to see their new home as it progresses, these tours can pose a certain threat to the developer, builder, and sales team if the proper safety precautions are not taken.

At redT, the safety of potential buyers and their agents is paramount when showing a project still in the construction phase. Without exception, hard hats and close toed shoes must be worn at all times, as per OSHA regulations, and each tour must be led by a member of our team. Due to the fact that we are familiar with each project and where it sits on the construction timeline, our knowledge of which obstacles to avoid allows us to successfully navigate and maneuver what could potentially be a dangerous situation. This commitment to safety, as well as our consistent updates, also minimize liability of the developer.

While most buyers are willing to abide by the showing rules, our contract reiterates in several places that those who do not comply could forfeit their right to purchase and developer would retain the initial build deposit. While this decision may seem excessive, it is the most effective means by which to ensure not only the safety of the client, but of our team, and the developer as well.